Diablo3: Wheel of Misfortune Achievement

Quick guide how to complete the Wheel of Misfortune Achievement.

For this achievement you will head out to Act 2 Desolate Sands. I used normal mode to make it easiest. The Ancient Device will be in the center area of the map, on a plateau area. Press the lever and then quit and reload the map again until you complete the achievement.


Diablo3: Treasure Goblin Secrets

Evil Laugh Treasure Goblin Diablo
This lists the 4 different types of Treasure Goblins and a very popular spot right now where to farm them.

The 4 Different type of Treasure Goblins.
Blue - Black - White - Gold

You can tell which type each are by the bag they carry.

Blue Most amount of Rares.
Black Drops lots of gems. Can drop Rares.
White Mistery Bag. Can drop any items.
Gold Lots of Magic and sometimes Rare.

The best place right now to find a Treasure Goblin is in Act 2 at the Ancient Path way-point. Just go to the WP and then run up the stairs. If you do not see him make a new game. Try again.


Diablo3: EU/ASIA Wrong Region Game Client Fix

Your going to have a bad time if Diablo 3 Patch
If you are using the wrong region game client, you are going to have a bad time with patches. How to fix errors logging into Europe or Asia Servers after 1.0.2 Patch.

Patch 1.0.2 was released today and the Americas servers are currently down for maintenance/patching. Europe and Asia players who have downloaded the wrong client, English (US), will have had their clients patched before the EU servers, thus causing an inability to log-in to their EU characters despite the EU servers being up and running. You know you have this error if the pre-launcher states that "Game is ready" but when signing-in you are asked to update the game (the game crashes soon after).

The best way to fix this is to uninstall Diablo 3 and log into your account on Battle.net and change your 'Full Game Client' to English (EU) or another language associated with the region you are playing in and re-installing.

I have just done so myself and can confirm that I am logged into EU on client 1.0.1 having previously had issues logging in with 1.0.2 onto EU characters.


Diablo3: Witch Doctor Heavy DPS Builds

Diablo3 D3 Real Life Witch Doctor Image Picture

With this guide I will show you how to get the most out of your WD while soloing Inferno Act4.

There are really only 3 builds you need access to: Poison Darts (for only some bosses), Dire bats for general farming/progression, and Zombie bears for the toughest of elite packs.

My credentials? I’ve solo’d inferno all the way up to A4, and just beat Rakanoth last night (who is by most accounts unkillable, but I managed to get a kill on him). I have killed the Butcher on Inferno is less than 7 seconds. I have sold probably roughly 50 million gold worth of AH gear, mostly farmed in Act 4 inferno. I have a 188% MF gear-set that can kill elite packs in Act 4 inferno, because of a tight spec, and solid tight play that hopefully this guide will teach you.

Here are the three specs you need:

1) Dire bats, Vision quest. You need dire bats for most inferno content, the range is just OP, and unlike poison darts, Dire bats is aoe, which is absolutely crucial. Rest of the spec is up to you, but I use: Spirit Walk (with 3 sec rune), BBV (with either 20% dmg or mana rune), Soul Harvest (with either 60 sec rune, mana regen, or healing rune), Grasp (with 80% slow rune), Fetish Army (with either reduced CD rune for general farming, or legion of daggers for burst fights), Dire bats.

Passives are Vision Quest (naturally), Vessel (mandatory in all specs), and usually more mana regen (spiritual attunement I think it's called?).

2) Zombie Bears, Vision quest. You need this for certain elite packs that just aren’t kite-able. Typically stuff like Vortex, Teleporter, Fast. You aren’t kiting that pack, so you have to just zombie bears blitz it.

Typically I will use Mass Confusion instead of Grasp. If I have widdled down to only 1 unit remaining, I will use Hex with Jinx rune. BBV gets the mana rune (this adds WAY more dps than the 20% rune with a fast 1her, since you can spam it for a solid 15 sec). I sometimes use wall of zombies: pile on, replacing soul harvest (if only 1 mob to soul harvest).

PROTIP: If you back yourself into a corner, your bears will funnel out in SINGLE-FILE. This is absolutely brutal dps if you can manage to pull a boss such that you can sit in the corner and fire out machine-gun single-file zombie bears of death at him.

3) Poison Dart build, you only need this for Belial and Azmodan (and maybe Diablo, but I haven’t got to him yet). This is the standard build of Poison Dart splinters rune with Pierce the Veil rune for 20% more dmg. Every other skill is optional really. I'd highly suggest grasp with 80% slow, since you NEED aoe damage and the slow is insane. Anything else is up to you, but you'll prob use BBV for bursting single targets, and fetish army, because it's just stupidly strong.


Most people say the best setup for Dire bats or Zombie Bears is a slow 2her, and they are correct, up to a certain gear threshold. The problem with slow 2hers is that you really lose out on +dmg on rings/amulet/(offhand), since it doesn’t scale well with slow attack speed.

However, once you get thoroughly pimped out (say once you get that 1400+ dps 2h-er, and there is nowhere else to go), you actually get more dps out of a fast 1her, high dmg offhand, and high dmg/ias rings/amulets. I went from around 49k dps to almost 70k dps by switching. The tradeoff you have to make is to change your BBV into the mana regen BBV rune, but when you do, my God you kill things fast. I had a 4.5 second butcher kill, a 5 second Rakanoth kill, etc. Some of these bosses, this is the ONLY way to kill them.

Most of inferno is gimmicky like this. You have to fight these 5 second burst damage fights with zero hp and rely on your spirit walk and spirit vessel to let you DPS as a glass cannon while being invulnerable. Unfortunately, when bosses hit you for 250k, I learned pretty fast that my 80k hp build was just not viable anymore (past mid A3 inferno). So the only option is to go with 10k hp, but 70k dps and just literally never get hit.

The other good thing about doing the switch to 1hers is that you can run the poison dart build with the same gear. For Direbats grinding, I’d suggest also using Soul Harvest runed for mana, since BBV is only up so often. That being said, with some mana regen on your 1her you can regen mana really fast with Vision Quest active.

Must-Have Skills - a brief discussion on why I choose what I choose, and why you need to also!

Spirit Walk: Obviously you absolutely must have this in inferno to stand a chance. This is one of the reasons I believe that the Witch Doctor is the best inferno class right now. I used to run the life regen rune, or the severence (dmg) rune, but you absolutely, 100% need to be using the 3 second rune. This is a 50% increase in INVULNERABLE DPS TIME, and I can't even begin to give it credit. Just take it, you'll thank me. Be aware of how you use it, if you pop it, you get a little shrunken head thing that replaces you. Mobs can attack this and then reveal you. Ideal usage of this skill is therefore using it around a corner, somewhere that mobs cannot hit the voodoo head thing, so that you don't get broken out of this early.

Vessel: I shouldn't have to say why this is mandatory, but if this isn't in your spec, you are either not in inferno, or you are doing it wrong. Inferno is all about these 3-5 second burst dps encounters, and this passive is absolutely required to survive past act 2 and actually get stuff dead. Unfortunately, most content requires you to just blitz it down while you are invulnerable with this because you just got 1-shot, then following it up with a 3 sec invulnerable spirit walk. Hopefully the monster died while you were dishing out 70k dps in this 3-5 second time-frame.

BBV/Fetish Army: These aren't must-have per-se, but they are just so absurd at burst dmg that you'd be crazy not to use them.

Grasp with 80% slow: This ability is so important in almost every build. Not only is the slow important for keeping stuff off you, but mobs get clumped up together in the slow, making dire bats, zombie bears, whatever hit EVERYTHING. It saves your life and increases your dps by ensuring your AOE hits more stuff.

Soul Harvest:
This is a great spell for taking down elite packs, because a BBV zombie bear spam with 5-stacks of soul harvest is insane. The soul harvest buff alone accounts for upwards of 20k dps in these burst phases. Obviously not great for boss fights, but amazing for taking down tough A4 inferno elite packs.

Zombie Bears: This spell is literally the only reason why witch doctors can take down some elite packs in A4 inferno. Some bosses like Rakanoth are just impossible to beat any other way.


For gearing, your 1her priority is as follows:

One Handed Weapon:

1) Fast Attack Speed. You NEED this to be at least 1.74, the higher the better, as it will scale all your +dmg on gear better.
2) Mana regen. This helps a ton when you are spamming 2-3 dire bears every second.

1) Offhand has to have at least +240 avg dmg (i.e. +80-400, gives an avg of +240). This is so dominant that it's really ALL you care about. See my stat valuation guide below to assess if a whole whack of int/crit/etc is worth trading a little +dmg for, but generally the +dmg will scale better as you gear up with more ias, so you NEED this to be high.

After getting enough +dmg (say +89-400), you want critical chance, critical damage, and intelligence (see stat guide below for details on what proportions).


You need to get attack speed here, since it's the only place you can get it, and it's so so so important. After that, focus on +dmg, int, crit, crit bonus dmg.


As much int as you can get. If you can get crit and crit dmg bonus, you can get that too.


Mana Regeneration
is a must, then as much int as you can get.

Important note: Broken Increased Attack Speed on Non-IAS Items.

Currently if you have IAS on a belt, boots, legs, or anywhere that doesn't naturally have access to IAS, it actually will NOT work.

Stats Guide - Stat valuations:

General DPS values are as follows, translated into int equivalents:

1 intelligence = 1 int

1% IAS = roughly 12 int

1% critical hit = roughly 8 int

+1dmg = roughly 2.5 int

1 vitality = WORTHLESS.

HP is literally zero value in inferno, because you will get 1-shot regardless. It took my a while to learn this. This may change if somehow we get access to heavy dmg mitigation in Legendarys (like 75%+ reduction in melee/range attacks), but for now, vitality is absolutely zero value. At all. Zero.

Notice how I say "roughly" everywhere? This is because these equivalencies are dynamic, and they change with your current gear setup. The only true solution would be a very complex simulation/solver, that is beyond my abilities. It would need to take into account every combination of every piece of gear in the game. For now, these values reflect the equivalencies for my gear (1.74 attack speed 1her, character stats: 1900 int, 50% crit bonus (i.e. base), 60% ias on ringes/ammy/gloves).

If you stack a bunch of +crit dmg bonus, naturally the value of crit chance will go higher. Most stats have diminishing returns, so if you have more int than 1900, the value of each int past that gets lower and lower, and the value of the other things, +dmg, ias, etc, gets higher and higher. These numbers should give you general guidelines to follow though.

PRO-TIP! How to get your exact values:

The best way to check for yourself is to go to the Auction House, and buy a bunch of cheap 500 Gold Rings: One with +1 int, one with +1 attack speed, one with +1 damage, one with +1% crit, and one with +1 vit (or whatever, use this as your baseline). Then you can equip the "zero ring" (i.e. the vit ring) and then hover over each other ring and find the equivalent dps values for each stat, and figure out your own stat valuations.

Good-luck out there! Remember this guide is towards more DPS heavy way to play. It all depends on your play-style and may not be for everyone.


Diablo3: Easy Jars of Destruction Achievement

Skeleton King Leoric Act 1 Boss Quest Laric
Quick step-by-step guide to get this achievement as fast as possible. You do not have to destroy the jars all in 1 sitting. They are cumulative.

1. Change your quest to Act I part 4 Reign of the Black King; The Royal Crypts, preferably on a higher difficulty.
2. Enter the game and put your gear in your stash so it doesn't break.
3. Search for the Skeleton King.
4. Enter the room, destroy all the Jars of Ash.
5. Trigger the Skeleton King and let yourself die.
6. When you can revive all the Jars will be put back together.


Diablo3: Almost No Chance of Dieing in Hardcore

Diablo 3 Hardcore Deeds Valor Remember Die
Using this you have almost no chance of dieing in Hardcore mode if your quick enough.

While in a solo game that isn't open to the public if you come across a mob that might 1shot you or about to die just pause the game with the esc key. While the game is paused you will be able to leave without the game restarting and your Deeds of Valor beginning.

About to die?
Pause the game
Exit Game
Non-Public 1 player game only.


Diablo3: Defeating Kamyr Without Taking Damage

Kamyr Diablo 3 Boss Before Belial Act 3
On the way to Belial in the city you will come across a Mini-Boss named Kamyr that is blocking your way. This guide shows to to kill him without taking any damage.

During the quest Lord of Lies Act2 you make your way through the city to Belial. A mini-boss named Kamyr will block your way and you must kill him before moving on. As long as you stay close enough when he spawn to see his feet you can DPS him from a distance. He will also attack back but his missiles do not have enough range to hit you from his spot.


Diablo3: How to do Bashanishu Achievement

Rakinishu Blade Achievement
This will tell you how to complete the achievement Bashanishu.

Heading to the Shrine of Rashanishu in act 2 at the Dahlgur Oasis an event will start that gives you the blade after completion. There you will find Rakanishu's Blade. Bashiok will also be in the area and you must equip the the blade and do damage to Bashiok. You do not need to melee him down the the blade the whole fight just doing a swing will be enough.

Bashiok on the other hand is just a rare spawn monster that wonders around the oasis. people have found him in all difficultys. The event will not always be in Dahlgur Oasis when you check, so just restart your game and try again if you cannot find him.


Diablo3: Make a Road Block for Monsters

Block Diablo 3 Monster Mob Get Through
Use this to attack mobs from the safety of your side.

To form the roadblock or a barricade to attack from the other side you need the item Boneweave Hauberk. Drop them in a path across the map and they will not be able to attack you from the other side. Use your ranged attacks and DPS them down.

You can buy Boneweave Hauberk pretty quickly in Act 3 Hell mode shopping NPCs. White ones cost about 300 gold each.


Diablo3: No Fire Damage Butcher Fight

Butcher Diablo 3 No Fire Damage Inferno
This will show how to not receive any fire damage from the ground during the Butcher fight.

At the south most part of the room there is a ledge. Standing on the ledge you will receive no Fire damage when the floor begins to burn. Also standing in the of the corners where the floor grates intersect do not have any fire damage.

Also this is an easy way to do the achievement Don't Stand in Fire.


Diablo3: Development Hell Dungeon

Developer Hell Smash! Jay Smash Achievement
This is a dungeon with all the mobs named after Diablo 3 developers. This guide shows you how to find this dungeon.

The dungeon will only spawn on Nightmare+ difficulty. At the end is a boss named Jay Wilson. Killing this mob gives you the Feat of Strength.

To find this area it is right after defeating the Skeleton King. Fastest way to get there is selecting the Shattered Crown quest and pick the part to open the gate. You want to be in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. Enter the cemetery and check all the crypt names. If one of the cysts is closed off and not accessible that means you cant enter it in that game. Make a new game.

You may need to highlight the crypt entrances as it wont show you the name on the mini-map without discovering it. All the mobs here are named after people that worked on Diablo 3.

Hurry and get this feat before they close it off.


Diablo3: Keep Follower During Diablo Fight

This will allow you to use your follower during the Diablo boss fight instead of them getting stuck in the cage at the start.

First all you need to do is start the fight and have someone join/exit the game. Your follower will then be teleported to you.


Diablo3: Auction House 10 Item Max Exploit

Diablo 3 auction house chest unique gold
So did you like everyone else put up a bunch of auctions that have no chance of selling and now your basically locked out from posting more auctions until they expire? I have made a work-around.

Okay so we have 10 auctions of a bunch of gear with a day left and don't want to wait it out. Right now you can buy your own auctions. You will lose 15% of the gold the auction goes for but it is better than waiting 2 days to post your gear on the Gold Auction House just so everything can be devalued by then. It is much easier to find those items also if you instead of posting auctions for 15,000, sell it for 14,991. Makes it easier to find.

Also when they hotfix the ability to buy your own auctions you can still have a buddy buy the auction for you also.


Diablo3: Very Fast Powerleveling 50-60

Azmodan Act 3 Last Boss Name
With this method I got from level 50 to level 60 in less than 9 hours.

Were going to go through Azmodan in Nightmare and finish off with the first quest in Act 4. This is the fastest way to knock out the last 10 levels.

1) Start your game at the last quest in act3 nightmare mode.
2) Kill the mobs on the way to Azmodan, kill act boss. Finish the quests.
3) Make your way to Act 4.
4) Start the first Act 4 quest which is a boss first, listen to Tyreal speak to the other angel and then jump in the portal.
5) Kill Iskatu.
6) Exit game and restart.

I was receiving 140k Experience every 4 minutes using this.


Diablo3: Nephalem Valor

Diablo Upclose Faceshot

Right now Blizzard is working on the Nephalem Valor buff. A level 60 buff for all characters, passive ability.

Nephalem Valor is a new system introduced in Diablo III. It is intended among other systems to make sure that the end game is fun and exciting and also that the game is balanced so a 3-minute run of the same area won't be the most efficient way to acquire loot.

Nephalem Valor is one of the major new systems in Diablo III and it kicks in at level 60. It is still in testing and Blizzard is still working out the details. Here’s how it currently works internally: Rare and Champion packs already have great loot on them. By killing a Rare or Champion pack, not only do you get their loot, but you’ll also receive a buff granting you increased magic find and gold find. However, if you change a skill, skill rune, passive, or leave the game, the buff disappears. As an extra reward, if you kill a boss while this buff is active, you’ll receive extra loot drops from that boss.

The exact amount of magic find and gold find provided by the buff is still being reviewed, as is the amount of extra loot you get from a boss while the buff is active. Blizzard is also playing around with whether or not the buff stacks, what the duration should be, and whether or not it should persist through death. The buff should be strong enough to make staying in your current game more rewarding than creating a new game. At the same time, if the buff is too strong, it risks making shorter play sessions feel not worthwhile.

This system is expected to encourage players to stick with a skill build of their choice, select an area of the game they enjoy, and sweep it for rare and champion packs on their way to a boss, finishing off a run with a boss that’ll be worth killing. If you wanted a shorter play session you could be done at that point, but if you have more time, the path of least resistance would ideally be to stay in the same game and make your way towards the next boss.


Diablo3: Major Damage Stacking DOTs

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Locust Swarm Spell

Easy way to stack the same DOT on an enemy and dish out terrible-terrible damage.

Normally, you cannot cast multiple copies of Damage-Over-Time spellss like Locust Swarm on mobs. However, this is not true if you apply the DOTs at different Intelligence values. If you play with Locust Swarm and Soul Harvest, begin by applying an an un-buffed version of Locust Swarm, then immediately Soul Harvest and apply it again. The two versions of the spell will stack on each mob.


Diablo3: Staff of Herding Guide

Staff of Herding Diablo 3 Guide

Hey guys, decided I would build a guide on how to get each piece required for the staff since there isn't much direct info out there yet.

For those who don't know the staff leads to the new version of the The Secret Cow Level, And is crafted using 5 rare items and a rare recipe, you need 150,000 gold total for the normal version of this staff.

Leroic's Shinbone Act: 1 - Found Inside of the fireplace in Leroic's Manor (Click on the burnt logs) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eIbYgfoBSs

The Black Mushroom Act: 1 - Found in the cathedral, most commonly floor 1 (Click mushroom pile) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-RLeehzfYA

Liquid Rainbow Act: 2 - Inside of a mysterious cave in act 2 (Dahlgur Oasis) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2irGFmldec0

Wirt's Bell Act: 2 - Bought for 100,000 gold from Squirts in the Act 2 Bazaar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FspdRzxIg_k

Gibbering Gemstone Act: 3 - Drops from Chiltara in the Caves of Frost(Found after Bridge of Korsikk) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxUh63yx4oU

Plans: Staff of Herding Act: 4 The recipe to craft the staff is a drop from Izual (Act 4 Boss) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geoODfSVs3U
Once all 6 items are obtained, open the window of your blacksmith and right click the pattern to learn it, you can now craft it under the weapon section.

Now that it is crafted, you must visit The Ghost of the Cow king on Old Tristram Road in Act 1, he will have a brief dialog with you and then open the path to Whimsyshire, the magical land of rainbows and ponies.
Good luck on the farming and enjoy slaying the over friendly beasts!!!

Lots of questions for this one, here is a quick FAQ.

Q: How long does it take to build the staff?
A: About 1-2 hours to completely build the staff, including research time. However, there are many reports of farming for 2-3 hours for a single piece of the staff, so the total time seems to vary greatly with luck.

Q: How much does it cost to build the staff?
A: To obtain the most basic form of the staff (normal version) it costs 150,000g. It then costs an additional 200,000g to build the nightmare version of the staff, 500,000g for the hell version of the staff. Currently the inferno version price is unknown.

Q: How to you obtain the pattern for nightmare/hell/inferno versions?
A: They seem to spawn randomly on the quartermaster in the main town of Act III

Q: Is the staff destroyed on use?
A: No, you can use the staff as many times as you wish.

Q: Does the nightmare/hell/inferno version of the staff work on lesser difficulties?
A: Yes, the staff can be used on any difficulty up to and including the difficulty stated in the prefix of the staff. (Note: normal version of the staff does not have a prefix, it is just the Staff of Herding)

Q: Does the staff gain any stats?
A: No, it is only used to gain access to the secret level.

Q: How difficult is the secret level?
A: The secret level is just as difficult as Act IV of the current difficulty. It scales as more players join just like any other level.

Q: Do I have to refarm the materials to build the nightmare/hell/inferno version of the staff?
A: No, after the first form of the staff is made you need only the previous version of the staff and a sum of gold to upgrade it.


Diablo3: Elective Mode

elective mode diablo 3 guide how to
With elective mode you don't have to pick only 1 spell in each category.

Using the left and right arrows in the skill selection panel when Elective Mode is checked allows you to move skills around your hot-bar. Gives much more availability in builds.


Diablo3: Launch Tips and Errors

Diablo 3 Login Error Screen
Today is the launch of Diablo 3! Here are some tips to make sure you can play at launch and not stuck at the login screen.

You can now install your game! Get your game installed and be prepared for server launch.

First you want to have your password saved to the clipboard so you can paste it in. If your trying to login at launch your going to be trying at the same time as everyone else and error out a lot.

Error 37. This is happening right now on the Asia servers. For people with a digital copy you must get your access granted by a GM. No fix in sight. Servers coming up and down.


Diablo3: Missing files in Digital Pre-Install

Download Diablo 3 Digital Pre Release Early

Oops! Blizzard makes a mistake and if you have already downloaded Diablo 3 and you are in Europe you may need to re-download or get these extra files for the install to work on launch.

We became aware of an issue affecting the previously available German and EU English versions of the digital install downloader for Diablo III, which would not download all the necessary files. If you've pre-downloaded the digital version of the game in these languages before 10:00 AM CEST (9:00 AM GMT) on Saturday May 12, you must obtain the new downloaders to be able to install properly once the game is released on May 15. We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask that you please let friends and acquaintances know so they can begin downloading the working installer that's now available.
1. Obtain the new Diablo III digital downloader using the links below

2. Point the download save at the same directory as before

3. If you chose the correct directory only around 65MB will need to be downloaded to fix your install, otherwise you'll re-download the entire ~7.6GB
New EU English Installer

New EU English Installer (Mac)

New German Installer

New German Installer (Mac)
Whether you repair your previous install or download the entire game again, it's necessary to use this new downloader to install and play the game when it launches.


Diablo3: RMAH Cash-Out Profit Table

This is the complete table for the Real Money Auction House in Diablo 3. Shows your profit gain with both (I) Items and (C) Commodities.

Note! The following table only applies to those that choose to cash out via Paypal and have a US bank account linked to their Paypal account.

Items include weapons and armor.

Commodities are gold (in game money) and the materials you use to make items (crafting material): metal, cloth, etc.

[I] - Item Sale

[C] - Commodity Sale

Sale Price Profit[I] Profit[C] Profit %[I] Profit %[C]
$1.25 $0.21 $0.90 17.00% 72.25%
$1.50 $0.43 $1.08 28.33% 72.25%
$1.75 $0.64 $1.26 36.43% 72.25%
$2.00 $0.85 $1.45 42.50% 72.25%
$2.25 $1.06 $1.63 47.22% 72.25%
$2.50 $1.28 $1.81 51.00% 72.25%
$2.75 $1.49 $1.99 54.09% 72.25%
$3.00 $1.70 $2.17 56.67% 72.25%
$3.25 $1.91 $2.35 58.85% 72.25%
$3.50 $2.13 $2.53 60.71% 72.25%
$3.75 $2.34 $2.71 62.33% 72.25%
$4.00 $2.55 $2.89 63.75% 72.25%
$4.25 $2.76 $3.07 65.00% 72.25%
$4.50 $2.98 $3.25 66.11% 72.25%
$4.75 $3.19 $3.43 67.11% 72.25%
$5.00 $3.40 $3.61 68.00% 72.25%
$6.00 $4.25 $4.34 70.83% 72.25%
$6.67 $4.82 $4.82 72.26% 72.25%
cut off

$7.00 $5.10 $5.06 72.86% 72.25%
$8.00 $5.95 $5.78 74.38% 72.25%
$9.00 $6.80 $6.50 75.56% 72.25%
$10.00 $7.65 $7.23 76.50% 72.25%
$15.00 $11.90 $10.84 79.33% 72.25%
$20.00 $16.15 $14.45 80.75% 72.25%
$25.00 $20.40 $18.06 81.60% 72.25%
$50.00 $41.65 $36.13 83.30% 72.25%
$75.00 $62.90 $54.19 83.87% 72.25%
$100.00 $84.15 $72.25 84.15% 72.25%
$125.00 $105.40 $90.31 84.32% 72.25%
$150.00 $126.65 $108.38 84.43% 72.25%
$175.00 $147.90 $126.44 84.51% 72.25%
$200.00 $169.15 $144.50 84.58% 72.25%
$225.00 $190.40 $162.56 84.62% 72.25%
$250.00 $211.65 $180.63 84.66% 72.25%

(Sale Price - 1)*(1-Blizzard to Paypal Transfer Fee) = Profit
(Sale Price - 1)*(1-.15) = Profit

(Sale Price)*(1-Blizzard Commodities Fee)*(1-Blizzard to Paypal Transfer Fee) = Profit
(Sale Price)*(1-.15)*(1-.15) = Profit

TIP! Always sell items for more than $6.67 on the RMAH to maximize your profit.


Diablo3: Download Now Play On Release

Diablo 3 Pic Barbarian Ez

Okay Diablo 3 is just around the corner. If you have a physical copy waiting for you or you pre-ordered in a store here are the link so you can download now and play right away when you get your copy. Total download is about 7gigs.

Here is a list to all the Diablo 3 download locations. You can download and install now and play right away at midnight on 05/15.


Gameplay Video Making Guide

stream gnome male WoW Movie Making

I'll show you all the steps to make a professional video that you can post of You-Tube or any other video uploading website.

Step 1
Pick your music. Mostly forgotten by many people but it can and WILL break your overall idea of your movie. I prefer songs or audio files which totally covers the time span of a video. If you do use Multiple you want to avoid using 2 totally different audio files. That will result in music that pop out and lowers the general quality of the whole movie. For what kind of audio its all up to you. The next bit it all my personal opinion. Hardcore, try to avoid it. Its to loud and does scare of a lot of viewers. You want to pick something that build up tension on the right moments. It must leave you some time at the start for some kind of intro and some time at the end for a ending/credits. Some Dubstep songs will do fine, for the rest try to listen as much music as you can. there is no real need it to fast music. keep in mind slow music will make your movie boring. Well known popsongs will disable your movie for several countries if you're going to upload it to Youtube.

Step 2
Set goals and decide what you want to reach with your movie. Entertain the viewers or want to deliver a message. Random fight movies is not going to cut it.

Step 3

I assume you have gathered plenty of footage. You dont?! Close the program you are on now and gather more. It will take a lot of time to get good looking footage. Its simple; The more you have the more you can pick from. For gathering footage there are some nice tricks on how to do.

Always hide your interface it. will look cheap most of the time if its there.

Use skills of your character to create new angles. If I am right Shaman and hunter have such skills

(Not 100% certain, I just fly invisible in the air and do not use those)

Step 4
Reserve time for an intro and ending. That way you know how much time you have to show them in the middle section. Use the music to determent at what moment you want to do a transition to the middle section.

Step 5

Start editing your movie. Use a good quality editing software for that. so no windows movie maker. Personally I use Sony Vegas for editing my footage. Use a lot of different shots. people do not want to the the same piece of footage for a very long time. Keep the pieces under 15 seconds. IMPORTANT: Use the audio as a guide on where to cut the footage. This makes it all look more natural and gives it a more professional look. Look at some movies which are in the Cinema or made by professionals. You can almost feel on the music alone when they are going to cut to another angle. Its also cool if you have a friend who can help you with that. You can have 2 angles of the same fight where you can switch to, makes it more dynamic.

Step 6
Place your intro and outro for the middle section and make sure they fluidly fade into each other.
simple fade out will do.

Step 7

Render it at the highest possible resolution. 1920x1080 looks cool but it takes so much HHD space and takes way longer to work with. Keep in mind that a lot of people wont even look at that resolution. 1280x720 will do fine. You can change your WOW-client resolution to that so you don't need to re-size it which may reduce the quality. Compress with H.264 will give you good quality with decent size files. Nobody likes 10Gig movie's

Step 8

Leave it overnight. If you worked on it for a while, your perception on what looks good fade a little. Just get some sleep and watch it again the next day, there maybe are things you still want to improve/change. Show some other people and ask for there reactions. If your happy Upload it or do what you want with it!

Last thing. I am unable to link to any applications that will help you with your movie. Look up Fraps, Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects.