Diablo3: Auction House 10 Item Max Exploit

Diablo 3 auction house chest unique gold
So did you like everyone else put up a bunch of auctions that have no chance of selling and now your basically locked out from posting more auctions until they expire? I have made a work-around.

Okay so we have 10 auctions of a bunch of gear with a day left and don't want to wait it out. Right now you can buy your own auctions. You will lose 15% of the gold the auction goes for but it is better than waiting 2 days to post your gear on the Gold Auction House just so everything can be devalued by then. It is much easier to find those items also if you instead of posting auctions for 15,000, sell it for 14,991. Makes it easier to find.

Also when they hotfix the ability to buy your own auctions you can still have a buddy buy the auction for you also.

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