Diablo3: Sony Gets Diablo 3 For Playstation 4

Sony will have the Diablo 3 on the new Playstation 4.

Including 4 player coop play with Real Money auction house. More info to be released with the new demo video soon.


Diablo3: Patch 1.07 Crafting Recipe

Diablo 3 crafting 1.07
All the new recipes included with the latest Diablo 3 patch 1.07

The Archon Armor Chest Piece Recipe can be purchased from Squirt the Peddler for 1.5 million gold. The other plans are random drops in every act, but have an additional chance killing these bosses when you have five stacks of Nephalem Valor:

Skeleton King
Spider Queen
Zoltun Kulle

The drop rate from the above bosses will scale according to your Monster Power level:

MP 0: 20%
MP 1: 23.2%
MP 2: 26.912%
MP 3: 31.218%
MP 4: 36.213%
MP 5: 42.007%
MP 6: 48.728%
MP 7: 56.524%
MP 8: 65.568%
MP 9: 76.059%
MP 10: 88.228%

Each new crafting recipe for Account Bound (AB) gear will roll with +201-230 to Base Stat and 5 Random Properties.
The +201-230 base stat roll is, essentially, a guaranteed primary base stat prefix with affix level 64 whereas normal rare items can only drop up to affix level 63
The max base stat on all crafted gear is now 330
This has an interesting interaction with the 1.0.6 rare gear base stat drops
1.0.6 Archon Gauntlets can drop with up to 300 Int or Dex, but only 200 Str
1.0.6 Archon Spaulders can only drop up to 200 Int or Dex, but 300 Str
1.0.6 Razorspikes and Archon Armor can only drop up to 200 Int, Dex or Str
This implies that there’s some new potential best in slot (BiS) gear:
For Barbs, 1.0.7 AB crafted Gauntlets, Razorspikes and Archon Armor are the only non-Legendary way to roll more than 200 Str
For DHs and monks, 1.0.7 AB crafted Spaulders, Razorspikes and Archon Armor are the only non-Legendary way to roll more than 200 Dex
For Wizards and WDs, 1.0.7 AB crafted Spaulders, Razorspikes and 1.0.7 AB Archon Armor are the only non-Legendary way to roll more than 200 Int
Vile Ward (1.0.6 shoulders) can roll up to 300 of each base stat due to being Legendary and they still get 1 Random Property beyond that (e.g., Pickup Radius, MF/GF, Vitality, +% Life)
Since there are so many Vile Wards out there now, crafting AB Archon Spaulders is a waste unless you want the combination of 201+ base stat, Pickup Radius and GF/MF
Strongarm Bracers (bracers) can roll up to about 265 in each base stat, but only 4.5% CC%
For anyone not invested in a nice CC set of Lacuni Prowlers, AB crafted Razorspikes can roll substantially better than Strongarm Bracers
Tasker and Theo (gloves) roll with a socket which means they can have a base stat above the crafted AB Archon Gloves, but have to use up both random properties to do so which means no CC and CD to go with their inherent IAS bonus
For Barbs not running full IK Set (for some reason), AB crafted Archon Gauntlets can roll 201+ Strength, CC, IAS, CD with a very lucky roll so these may be worth the occasional gamble and that’s better than any Rare Strength Gauntlets available in 1.0.6
For DH and Wizards, AB crafted Archon Gauntlets may be worth a gamble simply because 1.0.6 rare gloves with IAS / CD / CC / 201+ Dex or Int have a sky high price tag
Mara’s Kaleidoscope (Amulet) can roll up to 389 in any base stat and still have 3 random properties beyond that, so they’ll always have the possibility to roll better than an AB crafted amulet (albeit at a cost well over 2 billion Gold)
Even at their relatively high crafting cost, Amulets are probably nearly always worth crafting; if nothing else, you’re sure to occasionally get a fantastic follower amulet with a good MF or GF roll

All of these gears roll with a guaranteed 201+ base Stat, 5 guaranteed Rare properties and ilvl 63 Armor. It’s easy to forget that the best Archon Gauntlets (ilvl 63) roll with over 130 more Armor than the worst Warlord Gauntlets (ilvl 60) even if they have the same affix pool. Dropped rare gear certainly has no guarantee to drop with a Base Stat prefix; even if they do, it’s not very common to also roll the highest alvl 63 affix and even less common to roll high within that alvl 63 affix range. AB crafted gear is guaranteed that kind of roll every time. This is particularly true with Amulets.

Have you ever wondered why it seems like practically all of your amulets drop with crappy mods? Besides often rolling with fewer than 6 affixes, one of the primary reasons for crappy mods is that Amulets have a huge variety of possible mods. Boots or Pants, for instance, can’t roll with Crit Chance so they’re actually more likely to roll with 200+ base stats than Gloves. Amulets can roll with nearly every possible mod in the game. That makes rolling any given mod very small. By guaranteeing 6 random Properties that include a desirable 201+ Base Stat roll, you’ll find that practically any given AB crafted amulet is going to be better than any given dropped amulet the vast majority of the time. If you’re in the market for an Amulet costing around 20 million Gold, I would bet you’ll craft a better one than you can find on the AH within the equivalently-costed 160 crafts, albeit without the opportunity to resell it later.
Crafting Cost

The new crafted items require a new reagent called "Demonic Essence". Nephalem Valor is not be required in order for Demonic Essences to drop. However, each level of Monster Power will increase the drop chance of Demonic Essence from Elites and bosses according to the following values:

MP 0: 15.0000%
MP 1: 16.5000%
MP 2: 18.1500%
MP 3: 19.9650%
MP 4: 21.9615%
MP 5: 24.1577%
MP 6: 26.5734%
MP 7: 29.2308%
MP 8: 32.1538%
MP 9: 35.3692%
MP 10: 38.9061%

Archon Gauntlets of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

Cost: 50,000 Gold
Iridescent Tea x 20
Tome of Secrets x 5
Demonic Essence x 1

Archon Spaulders of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

Cost: 75,000 Gold
Tome of Secrets x 10
Demonic Essence x 1

Archon Armor of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

Cost: 150,000 Gold
Tome of Secrets x 2
Demonic Essence x 1

Razorspikes of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

Cost: 50,000 Gold
Exquisite Essence x 30
Tome of Secrets x 5
Demonic Essence x 1

Amulet of[ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

Cost: 100,000
Perfect Square (Gem typed based on amulet type) x 1
Fiery Brimstone x 1
Demonic Essence x 1

New Gems

Marquise Gems are AB and any item they are socketed into are also AB until the Marquise Gem is removed (at a cost of 5 million Gold)

Marquise Gem crafting costs

20,000,000 Gold
Radiant Star (type of gem) x 3
Demonic Essence x 10

Marquise Emerald

Weapon: Increased Critical Hit Damage by 110%
Helm: +33% Extra Gold from Monsters
Armor: +62 Dexterity

Marquise Topaz

Weapon: Melee attackers take 2500 per hit
Helm: 33% Better chance of finding magical items
Armor: +62 Intelligence

Marquise Amethyst

Weapon: Each Hit adds +700 Life
Helm: +19% Life
Armor: +62 Vitality

Marquise Ruby

Weapon: +150 Minimum and +150 Maximum Damage
Helm: Increases Bonus Experience by 33%
Armor: +62 Strength

New Ruby Stats

Radiant Square Ruby: +40 minimum damage/+40 maximum damage (up from +16/+16)
Star Ruby: +60 minimum damage/+60 maximum damage (up from +17/+17)
Flawless Star Ruby: +80 minimum damage/+80 maximum damage (up from +18/+18)
Perfect Star Ruby: +100 minimum damage/+100 maximum damage (up from +19/+19)
Radiant Star Ruby: +120 minimum damage/+120 maximum damage (up from +20/+20)

Ruby Gem

Builds geared towards no CC/CD like a Hydra Wizard or Sentry DH will get much more dps out of a RS Ruby than a RS Emerald
When leveling an alt, CC can be hard to come by which means +damage is worth more than +% CD and leaves 2 windows where Rubies are better than Emeralds
Level 15-30: weapons start rolling with a socket at ilvl 15 and high dps Spectrums don’t become available until clvl 30. The legendary weapon Genzaniku can roll a socket at level 9.
Unlike certain Legendary Armors, there are no weapons that can roll with a socket under clvl 15 (P.S., Blizzard, can you make some Legendary weapons with sockets under clvl 15? Thanks!)
Level 42-55: the maximum reduced level requirement is 18 which means ilvl 63 weapons start being available at clvl 42 which will roll higher higher damage than most Spectrums; since level-reduced gloves and bracers with high CC are extremely rare and costly, it’s unlikely your hero will enough CC until clvl 56 to make the RS Emerald better than the RS Ruby

There really isn’t much difference in the +% Experience and +Strength gem effects between a Star Ruby and a RS Ruby. The damage increments, however, are substantial at every level of Ruby above Flawless Square when leveling an alt. If the general population picks up on this, there will be a substantially larger market for Flawless Star and Perfect Star Rubies than there is right now (i.e., tiny market vs. no market all). They’re much more affordable than the RS Rubies and have far more value than Star Rubies.


Diablo3: Recovering Dead Hardcore Characters

This will be using Blizzards rollback feature to get your hardcore characters back to life.

We want it to make it seem like we were hacked. When we send a support ticket to Blizzard they can rollback accounts erasing all history for the last 24-48 hours.

1) Wait at-least a couple hours to login.
2) Download Hotspot Shield Here, this will change the location of your connection. This makes it look like someone else used your account.
3) Once you have your Hotspot Shield running login and delete all of your characters on the account.
4) Remove Hotspot Shield and wait at-least a few hours.
5) Submit a support ticket on the Blizzard site and claim your account was hacked and the forums said they can do a rollback.

Also when you do at-least 2 rollbacks on your account you will no longer be able to use the Real Money Auction House for a year. This isn't a big deal since it is not used on Hardcore.

Finally, This method can also be used on Softcore. If you were to sell a high value item on the RMAH and do a rollback you will get the item back and still have the money.


Diablo3: Snapshot your Storm Armor for huge Damage and Lifesteal

When you cast Storm Armor it will snapshot your current weapon to provide the bonus this skill receives.

I use a 2 Handed Weapon with 6% lifesteal when I cast this skill then I am able to switch to my normal setup and still receive the bonus.

I recommend using the Thunder Storm or Scramble runes for Storm Armor.


Diablo3: PTR Patch 1.0.7

Below is the complete patch notes for 1.0.7 on the Private Test Realm. You can access this patch by going to http://www.battle.net , logging in, then under the games section find Diablo 3 and download the PTR client.

New Feature: Dueling

For those who wish to test their mettle against fellow Nephalem, your time has come. Players will now be able to duel one another in a new zone designed specifically for this style of combat. This zone can be accessed by speaking with Nek the Brawler located at the inn in New Tristram, and supports 2 to 4 players in a Free-For-All format.
To learn more about dueling, click here!


Nephalem Valor stacks will now persist through Acts
Base pick-up radius for all characters has been increased from 1.5 yards to 3 yards
The resurrection timer will no longer increase if a player is killed multiple times in a row
Players should no longer play a flinching animation (causing them to briefly lose control of their character) if they are hit by multiple monsters at the same time
The experience bonus rewarded for killing monsters on Monster Power levels 1-10 in Inferno has been increased:

MP 1: 25% (up from 10%)
MP 2: 50% (up from 20%)
MP 3: 80% (up from 30%)
MP 4: 120%(up from 45%)
MP 5: 165% (up from 60%)
MP 6: 215% (up from 75%)
MP 7: 275% (up from 95%)
MP 8: 340% (up from 115%)
MP 9: 420% (up from 135%
MP 10: 510% (up from 160%)

When resuming a game, players will now be placed in town instead of at the last known checkpoint (a portal will be available to take you to your last known checkpoint, if desired)

Auction House

User Interface

Cancelled PayPal auctions will now display a UI error

Bug Fixes

Stash Tab Art will now properly update when viewed in the Auction House



Monster Power is now available for Public Games

Players can now select their desired Monster Power level from a drop-down when joining Public Games provided that the “Enable Monster Power” box has been checked in the Options menu

“Report Botting” has been added to the right-click > report player menus
The Battle.net UI now displays how many players are online



Izual is now included in the list of bosses that grant an extra reward when you have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor, and the overall reward for killing him has been increased



Bug Fixes

Threatening Shout – Grim Harvest should no longer cause monsters to drop loot multiple times

Demon Hunter

Bug Fixes

The Reflects Damage affix will now properly reflect damage caused by Bola Shot


Active Skills

Cyclone Strike

Weapon damage increased from 100% to 313%

Dashing Strike

Weapon damage increased from 160% to 303%

Exploding Palm

Explosion damage increased from 30% to 50% of the target’s maximum health

Inner Sanctuary

Radius increased from 8 yards to 11 yards
Skill Rune – Forbidden Palace

Damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%

Skill Rune – Sanctified Ground

Now reduces enemy movement speed by 80% (up from 60%)

Lashing Tail Kick

Weapon damage increased from 235% to 470%

Mystic Ally

The amount of damage a Mystic Ally can take from a single hit is now capped

The cap scales with the player's level, and is further reduced by the player's Armor and Resistance

Skill Rune – Eternal Ally

Weapon Damage increased from 40% to 60%
The Eternal Ally now has a 100% chance to be reborn after 3 seconds (up from 50% and down from 5 seconds)

Skill Rune – Fire Ally

The cooldown of the Fire Ally’s special attack has been reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds

Skill Rune – Water Ally

The Water Ally’s special attack now reduces enemy movement speed by 60% (up from 30%)
The cooldown of the Water Ally’s special attack has been reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds

Sweeping Wind

Base weapon damage increased from 15% to 20% per stack
Skill Rune – Blade Storm

Weapon damage increased from 20% to 26% per stack

Skill Rune – Cyclone

Weapon damage increased from 20% to 26% per stack

Tempest Rush

Weapon Damage increased from 85% to 155%

Wave of Light

Weapon damage increased from 390% to 829%

Passive Skills

Near Death Experience

Dying will now reset the cooldown

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Sweeping Wind was not actively updating its damage and attributes from the player

Witch Doctor

Active Skills

Spirit Barrage

Skill Rune – Well of Souls

The secondary missiles fired by this rune can now hit the primary target


Active Skills

Arcane Orb

Weapon damage increased from 175% to 200%
Skill Rune – Obliteration

Weapon damage increased from 228% to 260%


Weapon damage increased from 210% to 510% over 6 seconds
Proc coefficient increased from 0.01 to 0.0125
Skill Rune – Grasping Chill

Proc coefficient increased from 0.01 to 0.0125

Skill Rune – Frozen Solid

Proc coefficient increased from 0.01 to 0.0125

Skill Rune – Stark Winter

Proc coefficient increased to from 0.005 to 0.0125

Skill Rune – Snowbound

Proc coefficient increased to from 0.01 to 0.0125

Skill Rune – Unrelenting Storm

Weapon damage increased from 280% to 680%

Shock Pulse

Weapon damage increased from 105% to 150%
Proc coefficient increased from 0.667 to 0.8
Skill Rune – Fire Bolts

Weapon damage increased from 152% to 195%
Proc coefficient increased from 0.667 to 0.8

Skill Rune – Explosive Bolts

Weapon damage increased from 70% to 105%
Proc coefficient increased from 0.5 to 0.8

Skill Rune – Lightning Affinity

Proc coefficient increased from 0.667 to 0.8

Skill Rune – Living Lightning

Weapon damage increased from 37% to 52%

Passive Skills

Critical Mass

Critical Mass now affects the cooldowns of Archon: Teleport and Archon: Slow Time while in Archon Form

Temporal Flux

Now reduces enemy movement speed by 60% for 3 seconds (up from 30% and 2 seconds)

Unstable Anomaly

Now activates upon receiving fatal damage (changed from when a player is reduced below 30% Life)
Dying will now reset the cooldown

Bug Fixes

Blizzard Critical Hits now correctly have a chance to proc Arcane Power on Crit



A new crafting reagent, Demonic Essence, has been added to the game

This reagent is account-bound and can be acquired from Elite monsters in Inferno difficulty
Nephalem Valor will not be required in order for Demonic Essences to drop
However, each level of Monster Power will increase the drop chance of Demonic Essence from Elites according to the following values:

MP 0: 20.0000%
MP 1: 23.0000%
MP 2: 26.4500%
MP 3: 30.4175%
MP 4: 34.9801%
MP 5: 40.2271%
MP 6: 46.2612%
MP 7: 53.2004%
MP 8: 61.1805%
MP 9: 70.3575%
MP 10: 80.9112%

The drop rate for Blacksmithing Plans and Jeweler Designs has been increased by 400%


Four Rare recipes have been added to the Blacksmith: Archon Spaulders (Shoulders), Archon Gauntlets (Gloves), Archon Armor (Chest Armor), Razorspikes (Bracers)

Each crafted item will have the following characteristics:

iLevel 63
6 Affixes
Similar to the Hellfire Ring, it will have four variants, each guaranteeing a fixed core stat which will have the highest range available in the game

Crafting the item will require 1 Demonic Essence (other reagent costs will vary per recipe)


A new Rare recipe has been added to the Jeweler for an Amulet

This amulet will have the following characteristics:

iLevel 63
6 Affixes
Similar to the Hellfire Ring, it will have four variants, each guaranteeing a fixed core stat which will have the highest range available in the game

Crafting the item will require the 1 Demonic Essence as well as:

1 Perfect Gem (varied depending on which core stat you select)
1 Fiery Brimstone

A new tier of account-bound gems of has been added to the game: Marquise

Marquise Gems stats are as follows:

Marquise Emerald

Weapon: Increased Critical Hit Damage by 110%
Helm: +33% Extra Gold from Monsters
Armor: +62 Dexterity

Marquise Topaz

Weapon: Melee attackers take 2200 per hit
Helm: 33% Better chance of finding magical items
Armor: +62 Intelligence

Marquise Amethyst

Weapon: Each Hit adds +700 Life
Helm: +19% Life
Armor: +62 Vitality

Marquise Ruby

Weapon: +150 Minimum and +150 Maximum Damage
Helm: Increases Bonus Experience by 33%
Armor: +62 Strength

These gems can only be created at the Jeweler and will require the following reagents:

3 Radiant Star Gems
20 million gold
1 Demonic Essence

Un-socketing Marquise gems will cost 5 million gold
The designs for the Marquise gems will drop randomly from all level 63 monsters

Note: The designs are not account-bound



Crafting Plans and Jeweler Designs have been added for all of the new Rare recipes listed above

These plans (excluding the chest piece) will drop randomly in the world, but have a 50% chance to drop off the following bosses when you have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor:

Skeleton King
Spider Queen
Zoltun Kulle

The Archon Armor recipe can be purchased from Squirt the Peddler for 1.5 million gold each
Please note that neither the Crafting plans nor the Jeweler Design are account-bound

Holding shift while buying health potions will attempt to purchase 5 potions at once
Follower items below iLevel 60 will now no longer drop in Inferno
Goldskin now has a limit on the number of times it can proc on a single target


Squirt the Peddler no longer sells Dyes, but (as noted above) will now sell the plans for the Archon Armor recipe for 1.5 million gold each

Bug Fixes

Goldskin will no longer proc when attacking monsters that drop no loot
Plans: Staff of Herding can now be dropped on the ground, or sold to a vendor for 0 gold
All Staves of Herding can now be sold to a vendor for 0 gold



The Reflects Damage affix has been redesigned:

It will now apply a short duration buff to the monster and will only reflect a percentage of damage dealt back to the player while that buff is active
A visual effect will display whenever the durational buff is active

Damage dealt by pets to monster with Reflects Damage affix will no longer be reflected back to the player
Damage dealt by the Molten affix has been reduced by 40%
Damage dealt by the Plagued affix has been increased by 120%
Fallen Lunatics should now detonate in a more consistent manner
The Triune Berserker before Alcarnus should no longer swing faster after a few attacks

The Act II Keywarden (Sokahr) should now only use its mortar ability in Inferno difficulty
The Act III Keywarden (Xah’Rith) should now only use its rain of corpses ability in Inferno difficulty
The Act IV Keywarden (Nekarat) should now only use its earthquake and charge abilities in Inferno difficulty

Bug Fixes

Rare Sand Dwellers will now spawn in The Forgotten Ruins
Champion Plague Swarms will now spawn in Cryder’s Outpost
Champion Fallen Cur will now spawn in The Storm Halls

User Interface


Legendary items now have a new mini-map icon

This icon should now persist properly and be shown on the mini-map so long as the player is in the same zone as the dropped item
Note: The icon will only display when Legendary items are dropped by a monster, not a player

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing the Enable Monster Power option to reset
Fixed an issue affecting the scroll speed of text
Vendors will now properly display an Armor tab when you are in an Inferno game with Monster Power set above 0

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where new Hardcore characters were not labeled as Hardcore on the homepage
Fixed an error that could occur when closing the World of Warcraft client while the Diablo III client was still running


Blizzards Next Big Game Titan Info

Blizzard has leaked information about their next game codenamed Titan.

I have heard information that this new game will not be based on a new game world but instead a spinoff of either the Starcraft world or Diablo. It will be a MMO like World of Warcraft built for not just the PC but also XBOX console. The current speculation of release date is late 2014.


Diablo3: Hellfire Ring Farming Guide

Hellfire RIng Guide Diablo 3

This guide was made to give tips on farming the rings fast as possible. It will not go over exactly how to make each ring since I've already posted where to find the parts and put them together. Guide to improve farming methods to get Hellfire Rings.

For Starters:

For all acts, key farming is just getting 5 stacks and killing the keywarden. Keep in mind that the area where the keywarden is generally has elites, so you can go in with 4 stacks and look for the keywarden. The keywarden also doesn't chase you as far as elite packs do, so it's much easier to run away from them if you find them before your last elite pack. If you're doing this with a group, everyone can spread out and communicate when they find something, since the keywarden areas are pretty big.

In addition, you can have a fast person break off at 4 stacks and start looking for the Key Wardens while the others keep looking for elites. This would be a WW barb, a CM/WW wizard running teleport, a DH with vault, or whatever. If they find an elite pack, they can call it out, and if they find the keywarden, they can lure him back to the waypoint and/or weaken him. One trick to do is to find him, get to a safe place nearby to TP out, and then rejoin the others when they find an elite pack. After you kill the elite pack, kill yourself and you'll respawn in town with your portal still open to where the keywarden is.

If you want to kill the ubers, it's recommended that you have 3 Infernal Machines amongst your party members. You can guarantee one of each set of uber bosses if you activate them in the same game. Activate the next one after you kill a set of ubers and the portal will have to spawn in a different location. Depending on how long it takes to kill ubers, you might have to refresh your NV stacks. The Cemetery is a great place to do so.

Act 1

Best way to get stacks is definitely Festering Woods. 1 guaranteed pack in Crypt of the Ancients and Warrior's Rest each, and there's usually 2 outside the area, as well as the possibility for the event, which grants a stack. I have had bad luck and only found 1 pack outside, but that's rare. Equally as rare is finding 3 packs outside, which is nice.

This Keywarden is probably the easiest. I'm pretty sure that we only died when some random tree comes in and start plopping down those poison plants everywhere, so just watch out for those.

Act 2

Vault of the Assassins is the best way to 5 stacks. Port to Desolate Sands and start looking for the vault, killing any elites on the way. The best part of the vault is that you get a checkpoint once you enter it, so if you don't get the key from the Keywarden, you can just resume game and you'll start in the vault. The Oasis has many packs, so you can definitely TP out with 4 stacks and easily find another pack in the Oasis.

This keywarden isn't too bad, but if you stun him while he's down his spinning attack, he will not stop his attack. He'll continue to damage you while he's frozen. He also has vortex and teleport, so CM wizards can save their teleport to escape instead of using it to get close to him again. Getting an empowered shrine right before the fight lets me facetank him straight up.

Act 3

If you're running with a group, the best way to get 5 stacks is Fortified Bunker. Split off into different games and call out if the Bunker spawned. For those who don't know, you can get to the Bunker by walking out northeast of Bastion's Keep and going down the stairs towards the battlefield. Either the Fortified Bunker or Barracks will spawn right before the battlefield.

If you aren't running with a group or you don't feel like splitting off into different games, I'd recommend doing Keeps Depths 3 and Tower of the Damned. If you need more, Keep Depths 1 works too. Stonefort is pretty big and linear, so I'd recommend a fast person splitting off after 4 stacks like I mentioned above.

The keywarden is probably the hardest. The trick is to get him on a set of stairs, so when he does is illusionist thing, they also stay in the same place and die quickly to some freeze/AOE. You might have to do some kiting with this one.

Act 4

I don't have many tips for Act 4, since we didn't have to run it a lot. You only need the plan from the keywarden once. We also had bad luck and had to fight an elite pack with the keywarden, which really sucks since the mobs in Act 4 suck. We just did Gardens of Hope 1 and 2, making sure to check the side rooms since they can contain an elite pack and/or a resplendent chest. If you find a room that's just a square ring, I believe that one only has trash in it and you can skip it.

This keywarden can be tough, but it's mainly because it's in Act 4 and an elite pack might decide to join you during the battle. His fire attack is really strong, so try to watch out for that. His healing debuff is also stupidly good if you rely a lot on LoH to keep you alive.


These guys are tougher than your normal bosses, and they can enrage, so make sure you're able to kill them in time or you're able to deal with their enrages. Keep in mind that if you're running a CM/WW build, the CC resistance will build up and it's a good idea to switch targets/exit the fight every now and then.

Leoric and Maghda

This was surprisingly the hardest set IMO. Maghda has the ability to put down an arcane sentry, but not as often as an elite pack. Her butterflies hit hard and follow you, and they have the ability to do a complete 180 if you teleport past them. She also shields every 1/4 of her health and summons those guys she normally does. She doesn't unshield until they're dead and Leoric's dead. This might be a glitch, but focus down Leoric first. Leoric summons minions like he does normally, and he gained the attack where he just walks through you and deals tons of damage. It's hard to see when this attack is coming, so melee characters should try to keep a little bit of distance.

If somebody does die, and you need to revive, wait until Leoric teleports and then go revive. He has a nasty habit of teleporting to you when you're about to revive somebody.

Ghom and Rakanoth

These guys aren't too bad, or at least with a CM/WW wizard it's not. Both of them can summon trash mobs. Ghom has those slime guys he normally has and Rakanoth summons soul lasher type things. These will help out a CM/WW wizard. In addition, if the CM/WW wizard is able to stunlock both ubers, it's pretty easy. The CC resistance does build up though, so you might have to take a break and focus on one and then come back later. I'd recommend killing Ghom first since Rakanoth isn't too bad. Plus, getting rid of the poison clouds will make it easier for everyone. IMO these are the easiest of the three.

Reviving on this one can be a little bit harder because of the gas clouds. However, I'm pretty sure the gas clouds don't last as long as we're used to. Also, I believe that a monk can pop serenity or a WD can spirit walk and revive somebody under the gas cloud, but I'm not sure.

Zoltan Kulle and Siegebreaker

This fight can be tough, and I've had Siegebreaker enrage a couple of fights. As a CM/WW wizard, it's fine if he does, and there was another monk and a tankier DH in our group who could handle it also. Focus down Kulle first for sure, since there's a trick you can do with Siegebreaker once he's alone. Kulle's enrage is also really hard to deal with, so you don't want that. He does summon the slow time bubbles he normally does, which is extremely annoying. It's useful to have a skill to deal with those, like teleport, vault, or being a WW barb. Watch out for when the ceiling falls. Once Kulle's down, Siegebreaker is a piece of cake. Keep attacking him and when he picks somebody up, it's pretty easy if you have some CC. Any stuns/freezes while he's doing the attack animation will force him to restart the animation once it wears off, which lets you keep the rest of your party safe while the loops in that animation.

Reviving on this one is probably the easiest. Aggro Siegebreaker away from the grave and then either quickly move to the grave or get somebody else to revive. Kulle doesn't attack that often, and you just need to make sure Siegebreaker is away. It's a pretty big area as well.

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Diablo3: Infernal Machine and Hellfire Bosses

Here is a detailed explanation of the materials and recipes for the Infernal Machine and the Hellfire Ring.

What is the Hellfire Ring?

This ring gives the following properties. Created from defeating bosses inside the Infernal Machine.

- Either Str, Dex, Vit, or Int
- 4 Random Props
- +35% exp
- Launches Explosive Ball of Hellfire on Attack.

these guys hold onto the pieces for each attempt of the Infernal Machine that you want to have. The last guy in Act4 contains the plans only which you get once and your done with him. Be sure to kill each Keywarden with 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor.

Odeg The Keywarden Act 1 Spawns inside the Fields of Misery. He has a chance to spawn anywhere in the whole map. This boss will drop the Key of Destruction.

Odeg's Abilitys

Has Jailer
Main attack is Spear Throw
Has a triple-fireball attack

Sokahr the Keywarden Act 2 Spawns inside the Dahlgur Oasis. Spawns anywhere inside the boundarys of the Oasis. He will drop the Key of Hate.

Sokahr's Abilitys

Sokahr is a Dune Dervish/Magewraith, so his main attack is spinning
Has Missile Dampening with a natural thorns
Mortar And Electrified

Xah'Rith the Keywarden Act 3 Spawns in the Stonefort area. On the way to him you should be able to find the required 5 elites to stack your NV now. Drops the Key of Terror.

Xah'Rith's Abilitys

Illusionist Mob with Teleport.
Uses Corpse Rain spell.
Slows with a Cold Spell.

Nekarat the Keywarden Act 4 Found inside the Silver Spire Level 1. Very large demon with a curse that removes 75% of healing done. Drops the Plans: Infernal Machine.

Nekarat's Abilitys

Diablo Lightning Attack and AoE Fire

Nekarat seems like the hardest so far. He should be kited. Make sure to have your 5 NV Stacks.

To craft the Infernal Machine you must be a Level 10 Artisan Blacksmith.

Finding the Realm of Chaos.

To get inside you must start the game on the quest Return to New Tristram. The healer in act 1 town will now have a door behind him that you can break down. Inside you enter an empty room which you can now use the Infernal Machine inside. This opens a portal to either Realm of Chaos / Turmoil or Discord. Each has 2 unique bosses.

Infernal Machine = Key of Destruction x1 Key of Hate x1 Key of Terror x1 Gold x1200

Hellfire Ring
(any type) = Vengeful Eye x1 Devil's Fang x1 Writhing Spine x1 Gold x50,000

Hellfire Ring Plan can be bought off of Squirt the Peddler in Act2 town.

The Eye, Fang and Spine are dropped from inside the Infernal Machine worlds. Combines with the Hellfire Ring Plan makes your new Ring.

How does Monster Power effect drop rates of Keys and Pieces?

It doesn't look like any of the items have a 100% drop rate. It seems to drop about 75%-80% of the time. I made my ring using a MP Level 7. I would guess each MP Level adds 10% chance to drop.