Diablo3: Very Fast Powerleveling 50-60

Azmodan Act 3 Last Boss Name
With this method I got from level 50 to level 60 in less than 9 hours.

Were going to go through Azmodan in Nightmare and finish off with the first quest in Act 4. This is the fastest way to knock out the last 10 levels.

1) Start your game at the last quest in act3 nightmare mode.
2) Kill the mobs on the way to Azmodan, kill act boss. Finish the quests.
3) Make your way to Act 4.
4) Start the first Act 4 quest which is a boss first, listen to Tyreal speak to the other angel and then jump in the portal.
5) Kill Iskatu.
6) Exit game and restart.

I was receiving 140k Experience every 4 minutes using this.


  1. Another heads up guys. When any of the NPCs are talking with the Bubble above their head just smash the smace bar to skip through it. This should speed up your runs another 15-20 seconds.

  2. Another quick tip, before the Iskatu fight there is about a 20 second coversation between Tyrael and Imperius. You can skip this by running close enough to start it and then taking the waypoint to town and back quick.

  3. Or you can hit Esc and it skips the entire conversation...

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