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stream gnome male WoW Movie Making

I'll show you all the steps to make a professional video that you can post of You-Tube or any other video uploading website.

Step 1
Pick your music. Mostly forgotten by many people but it can and WILL break your overall idea of your movie. I prefer songs or audio files which totally covers the time span of a video. If you do use Multiple you want to avoid using 2 totally different audio files. That will result in music that pop out and lowers the general quality of the whole movie. For what kind of audio its all up to you. The next bit it all my personal opinion. Hardcore, try to avoid it. Its to loud and does scare of a lot of viewers. You want to pick something that build up tension on the right moments. It must leave you some time at the start for some kind of intro and some time at the end for a ending/credits. Some Dubstep songs will do fine, for the rest try to listen as much music as you can. there is no real need it to fast music. keep in mind slow music will make your movie boring. Well known popsongs will disable your movie for several countries if you're going to upload it to Youtube.

Step 2
Set goals and decide what you want to reach with your movie. Entertain the viewers or want to deliver a message. Random fight movies is not going to cut it.

Step 3

I assume you have gathered plenty of footage. You dont?! Close the program you are on now and gather more. It will take a lot of time to get good looking footage. Its simple; The more you have the more you can pick from. For gathering footage there are some nice tricks on how to do.

Always hide your interface it. will look cheap most of the time if its there.

Use skills of your character to create new angles. If I am right Shaman and hunter have such skills

(Not 100% certain, I just fly invisible in the air and do not use those)

Step 4
Reserve time for an intro and ending. That way you know how much time you have to show them in the middle section. Use the music to determent at what moment you want to do a transition to the middle section.

Step 5

Start editing your movie. Use a good quality editing software for that. so no windows movie maker. Personally I use Sony Vegas for editing my footage. Use a lot of different shots. people do not want to the the same piece of footage for a very long time. Keep the pieces under 15 seconds. IMPORTANT: Use the audio as a guide on where to cut the footage. This makes it all look more natural and gives it a more professional look. Look at some movies which are in the Cinema or made by professionals. You can almost feel on the music alone when they are going to cut to another angle. Its also cool if you have a friend who can help you with that. You can have 2 angles of the same fight where you can switch to, makes it more dynamic.

Step 6
Place your intro and outro for the middle section and make sure they fluidly fade into each other.
simple fade out will do.

Step 7

Render it at the highest possible resolution. 1920x1080 looks cool but it takes so much HHD space and takes way longer to work with. Keep in mind that a lot of people wont even look at that resolution. 1280x720 will do fine. You can change your WOW-client resolution to that so you don't need to re-size it which may reduce the quality. Compress with H.264 will give you good quality with decent size files. Nobody likes 10Gig movie's

Step 8

Leave it overnight. If you worked on it for a while, your perception on what looks good fade a little. Just get some sleep and watch it again the next day, there maybe are things you still want to improve/change. Show some other people and ask for there reactions. If your happy Upload it or do what you want with it!

Last thing. I am unable to link to any applications that will help you with your movie. Look up Fraps, Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects.

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