Diablo3: Extreme Profit With Patch 1.04

When I was reading the changes for the next Diablo 3 patch 1.04 there was a change listed that will give you crazy profit when the patch is released. Get this started now so when the patch hits you will be ready and rake in the gold!

Crafted Legendary Items - If you currently have a crafting plan for a Legendary item, and if we change the item that you’re able to craft in any way, you will NOT have to get a new crafting plan for that item. If you craft something right after 1.0.4 comes out you’ll get the new item.

What does that mean? Well, buy Legendary patterns NOW! Have the materials ready. Have plenty of materials ready. As soon as 1.0.4 hits, craft legendary items over and over, since they will roll the new affixes. Odds are, you'll be one of the first people to get legendaries with the new affixes, so you can sell them for crazy amounts if they end up a wanted piece!