Diablo3: Endlessly Kill Unique Mob for Loot

Where to find Garrach Garach Act 1 achievement Diablo 3

Endlessly kill Garrach the Afflicted in Act1 Halls of Agony level 3. He is a unique mob that has good drops with 5 nv stacks.

There is an easy way to find this guy everytime. In level 3 of the Halls there is a certain area with a row of furnaces and a Resplenant Chest. When you see these 2 things you are close to a spawn of his.


1. Change your skills so u have damage over time based skills or have pets that do damage. I used a monk with Sweeping Wind also my Ally and Companion doing all the damage needed. He has a low health pool so keep it easy. We want to kill him slow and steady
2. Open the Resplendent Chest and instantly Town Portal.
3. Stay in town for 3 seconds.
4. Teleport back. You will see Garrach the Afflicted and beside him the iron maiden still intact.
5. Start your dots slowly and calculate the right time to Town Portal so that you teleport back to town exactly as he is dieing. So 3 seconds before he dies you need to be starting that teleport.
6. Wait 3 second then teleport back to Garrach. If you did it correct then you will see a completely new Garrach the Afflicted and the iron maiden still intact with loot on the ground.

Works best with Magic Find gear on and 5 stacks of NV. This isn't a tough fight so stack up on MF.


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