Diablo3: What the new Legendary Item Effects do

Grand Father Blade Diablo Legendary Unique 1.04

A list of all the Legendary items in patch 1.04 with a new Legendary prof effect and what it does.

Lidless Wall

Makes you invulnerable to all damage and movement impairing effects for 1 second.
The shield can be triggered once every 25 seconds.

Butcher's Carver

The weapon makes a random sound that the Butcher makes every-time you swing the axe.
Did not notice anything else from this weapon.


Cracks spread out beneath the enemy you hit (Does not do any damage).
Did not notice anything else from this weapon.


Shoots a chicken that explodes dealing 1,000 - 2,000 damage.

Demon Machine

The bolt explodes dealing 350-550 damage.

Fire Brand

Fireball shoots out in the direction your character is facing.
Does not need to target an enemy to proc.
Deals 2,000 - 3,000 damage.


Stops a target dead in it's tracks for 3 seconds.

Maloth's Focus

Every 25 seconds the staff automatically nightmares all enemies directly around you.
Monsters run away for 3 seconds.
Nightmare is cast on equip.
Good to keep in your inventory to quickly send monsters running if you are in a bind.


The Demonic Slave will fight for 15 seconds or until he is killed.
Has a very high chance to be summoned even if the last one died a second ago.
The fire chain between you and the demon deals 1,000 - 2,000 damage every .3 seconds and can critical hit.
The demon itself deals on average 36,000 damage a swing and I have never seen his attack crit.

Pus Spitter

Drops a pool of poison on the ground that deals on average 5000 damage every .5 seconds for 5 seconds causing a total of 25,000 damage.

Schaefers's Hammer

Every time an enemy hits you it has a chance of creating a electrical field around you for 4 seconds.
Every enemy near you will take 10,000 - 30,000 damage per second. (Not counting crits.)


Deals 500 - 1,000 damage to all enemies directly around you.


Creates a magical barrier around you that cannot be passed by enemies.
Projectile attacks however can still hit you.

Flying Dragon

Creates a slight wind graphic around your character.
Double attack speed lasts for 3 seconds.
During testing it was triggered every 20-30 seconds on average.


Knockbacks undead monsters a large distance. (Skeletons/Zombies etc)
This effect can happen once every 40 seconds.


Deals 5,000 - 7,000 damage per second to all enemies standing on the effected area for 3 seconds.


Lasts for 15 seconds or until killed and can be re-summoned seconds after.
Deals 54 - 140 damage.

The Burning Axe of Sankis

Casts the Barbarian spell "Ignore Pain" on you reducing all damage taken by 65% for 5 seconds.

The Butcher's Sickle

Sends out a long chain pulling any enemy in it's path towards you.

The Gidbinn

Summons a tiny Fetish that deals on average 8,800 damage per hit.
You can have multiple Fetish out at one time.


The frozen orb can pass through enemies although it explodes in a large AoE after 3 seconds.
Both the orb and blast damage from the orb deal 10,000 - 20,000 damage.
Does not need to target an enemy to proc.

Slain enemies rest in peace.

Sever, Last Breath and Boneshatter all share this ability.
Any attack that was going to kill a monster will now instead cause a massive critical hit.
Combined with life steal you can be healed for over 100,000+ each time a monster dies.
The damage however is purely for show as the monster would have died regardless.

Puzzle Ring

Very random results on getting the Treasure Goblin to spawn. After 20 goblins I found no real pattern, it took anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes of being hit constantly for one to spawn.
The level of the Treasure Goblin and loot depend on the difficulty you are currently in:
Normal - level 13 Goblin
Nightmare - level 35 Goblin
Hell - level 53 Goblin
Inferno - level 61 Goblin

Moonlight Ward

Summons 4 balls of arcane that spin around you.
Every time an orb comes in contact with an enemy it explodes dealing 150 damage to all enemies in a small radius.

Band of Hollow Whispers

More than one enemy can be haunted at a time.
Haunt happens generally every 5 seconds.
Deals about 24,000 damage over 6 seconds. (1,500 - 2,500 every .5 seconds)
You do not have to touch a monster for haunt to cast but you must be fairly close to it.
The damage of haunt cannot crit.

Andariels Visage

The area of effect is very small and limited to monsters directly around you.
Initial hit deals 11,000 damage.
Poisons all enemies caught in the initial blast for about 12,000 damage over 3 seconds (average of 2,000 every .5 seconds).
The damage of the poison cannot crit.

Storm Crow

Shoots a fiery orb that explodes and deals 20,000 - 22,000 damage to all enemies nearby.

Thunder God's Vigor

Shock pulses move outward from your target dealing 3,000 - 5,000 damage to all enemies around.

Death Watch Mantle

Deals 4,000 - 7,500 damage to all enemies caught in the blast.

Fire Walkers

Simply walking by destructible objects will cause the fire to break them.
The trail of fire is very short and disappears after about two seconds.
Deals 2,000 - 4,500 damage.
The damage cannot crit.

Pox Faulds

Drops a poison cloud on the ground which deals 17 damage per second for 5 seconds.
The poison cloud cannot critical hit.


  1. Flying Dragon lasts AT LEAST 4 seconds. I've tested it numerous times. Strange thing is occasionally, my stop-watch is above 4 seconds and pushes 5 seconds.

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