WOW: Easier and Faster Death from Above and Ready for Raiding II

Death From Above (From Druid of the Talon Daily Hub):
Bomb the following elementals during a bombing run in the Molten Front.
Criteria : Ragepyre, Flashfire, Heatflayer, Blazefury, Hatespark, Singeslayer

Ready for Raiding II (From Call of the Ancients Hub):
Slay the following Lieutenants of Flame in Ragnaros' Reach without getting hit by their special attacks.
Criteria : Ancient Charscale, Ancient Smoldering Behemoth, Ancient Firelord, Cinderweb Queen, Devout Harbinger

Daily quests for theses Achievements don't spawn everyday. Has a 1 out of 4 chance to spawn.
Achievement objective boss(es) are also totally random spawns, so it can takes ages to get the quest AND the boss you need to hit with the Bomb (Death from Above) or kill with Style (Ready for Raiding II)

So what you have to do, if you don't mind losing 2 mark/day, but want your achievements faster than anyone else :

1) Keep theses two quests in your quest log at all time - so you have it everyday
2) Every day, a random "boss" will spawn
3) Join a raid group, so you will not get quest objective credits (Important: as you won't be able to Re-take the quest & use Hypogryph with all objectives complete)
4) Bomb the daily boss for "Death from Above" Achievement
5) Kill with Style the daily boss for "Ready for Raiding II" Achievement
6) Repeat until you get achievements


  1. Thanks for sharing man, great as always.

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