WOW: Avoid 40 Man Battlegrounds Or Bg in Progress

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Here's how to avoid the 40 man BGs and/or know which kind of BG you're going to get before you enter it.

When your Battleground pops (The Enter or Leave Queue Button) , do you notice all the clicking sounds? That's other players clicking to enter the BG. Wait just a little bit before you click "enter" and see how many clicks you hear.

1) If it was a low number of click noises, you're going to get into a 10 or 15 man BG. It's safe to enter this BG.

2) If you hear spam clicking and/or can't keep track of the number of clicks, it's a 40 man BG. Simply leave queue and queue up again if you don't like the bigger BGs.

3) If you hear NO clicking, you're being put into a BG in progress. Most likely a fail. Leave queue and queue up again for a fresh BattleGround.


  1. wow such a strange thing. nice catch mate and nice post. keep it up

  2. oh wow, never noticed. thanks for sharing this. i will forward it to my wow playing friends

  3. lol, only played wow with sound for about 1 month when it came out, after that only music, .... lol

  4. Yeah, I never keep the sound on either. Might give this a try.