WOW: Light Medium Leather and Linen Wool Cloth Farming Spot

I was farming this spot with my level 43 rogue so I could level my leatherworking and get some cloth for the AH since it's still stupid high on my server.

1/2 an hour of farming before posting here yielded;
-68 Light Leather
-47 Medium Leather
-2 Light Hide
-4 Medium Hide
-42 Wool Cloth
-19 Linen Cloth
-7 Silk Cloth
-2 Greens

The re-spawn rates are around 3-6 seconds and there are a constant 5 that spawn, wait around 5-7 seconds then charge to fight the other mobs.

The mobs are Ebon Slavehunters, they are level 24-25 and have around 650-700HP and drop between 72 copper to 1silver 20 copper.

Here is the exact spot I farmed.
Arathi Highlands World of Warcraft Where to Farm Wool Cloth Medium Leather Light Leather Ebon Slave Hunter Find Tiny Crimson Whelping

Here is the map to show the spot.
Black Whelp Scales Where to find Tiny Crimson Whelping Solo Farm Medium Leather Get Wool Cloth Light Cloth Leatherworker 225 Farm Area World of Warcraft Arathi Highlands

If you need Black Whelp Scales you can skin the Ebon Whelps that are around the same area. They sell for 50g/stack on my server so it wasn't a bad change of pace.

There is also a random (very small) chance of getting a vanity pet Tiny Crimson Whelping.


  1. good to know! prices are insane on my server also

  2. ya, this damn Tiny Crimson Whelping!!
    this whelp never dropped for me, and I am playing for around 6 years now :S

  3. Always looking for a good farming spot.

  4. Now if there was a way to AoE loot... lol

  5. cool. Never played wow but that vanity pet drop sounds awesome.

  6. I will return to Wow soon, bacause now will have portuguese support :D , this is will be usefull