WOW: Reset Cooldown on Pet Skills

I have been using this on my Mage in arena. I am able to use my Water Elemental's freeze skill up to 6 times in conjunction with Cold Snap. This is also usable on Warlock pets also.

1. Use Water Elemental's Freeze.
2. Abandon your pet (/run PetAbandon() macro)
3. Summon new elemental. (Summon Water Elemental cant be on CD)
4. Freeze is now usable again.


  1. awesome, im a hunter on Kel'THuzad.

  2. LOL, does this really work? cool. I don't have a high mage so I can't try it.

  3. I hope this works. Just being supportive.

  4. okay this was verys useful thank you! i play wow since '05

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