WOW: Hunters Still Able to Tame Pets with Unique Skins

I had posted my method of using the exploit to tame a skin that wasn't available usually. The exploit still works except we must now use different timing to become sussessful.

Procedure: Get your macro ready. We will be using: /script PetAbandon()
We are going to start taming the pet we want. When the tame is almost complete start spamming your macro up until it you see the pet disappear. I actually put the macro on three different keys. I will press two of the keys using my keyboard, and the third one I click with my mouse. This has had the BEST success ratio for me.

It may take a few tries, but when it works your pets action-bar will pop-up for a split second, and then your pet disappears. Once you have your pet disappear after you tame it, to allow it to spawn with the unique skin, use revive pet twice (Making sure they do not complete each time) and then try and tame a new pet. If it has the "You already have a pet" error, log-out and your unique pet should be there when you come back.

1) Start taming unique pet.
2) 1 second left on tame, spam your abandon macro.
3) Pet disapears, cast revive pet twice with errors.
4) Try and tame a pet, get error.
5) Log out and back in.

Perm Pets: These pets keep their skin when they die.
Lone Hunter
Oil-Stained Wolf
Oil-Stained Bird
Armored Battleboars
Angered Arakkoa Protector
Consumed Thistle Bear


  1. Always love me some pets....

  2. Man, I gotta tell my friend. He's into the whole unique pet thing.

  3. awesome, when i get back to wow i'll use this for sure. thanks.

  4. Nice! There's some cool hacks out there...

  5. have they hotfixed this?

  6. bunch of fucking cheating, looser're all pathetic....LMAO!

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