WOW: Alchemy Guide w/ Herb Farming Route

World of Warcraft Alchemy Recipe Elf Epic Flasks for Raids

First I will show you the routes that I take when gathering Herbs for my Alchemy. Also I will tell you what to make for the BIGGEST profit!

Herbalism Routes:
Mount Hyjal - Cinderbloom (occasional Stormvine)
Herbalism Where is Cinderbloom Herbs in WoW Mount Hyjal

Uldum - Whiptail
Herbalism in Uldum Where to Farm herbs Whiptail Respawns World of Warcraft Find Search

Twilight Higlands - Twilight Jasmine

Where to find Twilight Jasmine in Twilite Highlands Herbalism Farming Map Locations

Alchemy Guide:
Now, you might be a Potion Master or Transmute Master.
Big mistake. Elixir Master will proc elixirs and flasks that will have a bigger value than the both of them!

For example:
Truegold will only proc 5% of the time, giving you 800g (estimate)
Potions are rarely worth 20g and even if they proc, the sell value is not good.

Now Elixir Masters can make some BIG BUCKS!
You will need more expensive mats, but with all the farming routes I showed you, getting the materials should be no problem.

Before you make the flasks its important to check the Auction House prices. Some servers (like mine) the mats are more expensive than the flasks. If that is the case sell the herbs and not the flasks. Eventually the material price will drop, and you will than make your BIG BUCKS on the flasks.

These Recipes make the most gold.

Flask of the Draconic Mind
Flask of the Winds
Flask of Titanic Strength
Flask of Steelskin

That is the basics to follow to profit.
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