WOW: New Way for Tanks to Get Dungeons in Progress

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With the latest patch 4.0.6 it caused the LFG queue to no longer show if a dungeon is in progress. Since I play a tank class this has completely caused me to stop running heroics. I started looking around for ways to get this done. It has been hell lately until I discovered this.

1. Be in an inn or main city. Somewhere that your character is resting.

2. Create a /camp or /logout macro.

3. Join the Queue.

4. When the Queue Pops immediately accept it.

5. a) If it is a dungeon in progress you should port right in as they were already inside when you accepted.
5. b) If you see people waiting to hit accept, press your Camp/Logout Macro and that instantly takes you out of the queue.

6. Log back in, if you were accepted to a new dungeon you will be able to re-queue.

You can use either /camp or /logout


  1. hmm...that is a way. but i like it more to clear a instance from beginning

  2. you could do this but I also prefer to clear things from the begining

  3. you two are retards. did this sound like a blog post asking what you prefer? no, it's a blog post about how to get around running a full heroic when you just want the valor points. l2read.

  4. Wow, not bad. Dumb change though.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. yeah tanks in dungeons!

    now i can finally bring my personal army into dungeons

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