WOW: Solo the Whale Shark in Vashj'ir Achievement

I did this as a Fire Mage, but any class with mobile DPS should be able to do this

First thing you must get is a Range mod, something which tells you how far away the target is. The Whale Shark is so big it's almost impossible to guess. I used RangeFinder from Curse, this is crude, but it works.

Next you need patience, I tried searching for that but got bored and annoyed so I stopped.

The Whale Shark swims very slowly, you can outrun him by swimming backwards (can you see where this is going?) You must stay between 5 and 20 Yards away. If he hits you, he will 1-shot you! I think on my first attempt he hit me for about 500k.

The biggest risks here are

1. Going out of Range
2. Getting hit
3. Changing zones and him resetting*

(*This happened to me once, I didn't tempt fate by testing it again)

Okay, what you need to basically do is, pull him, keep him between 5 and 20 yards and DPS. I kept Nespirah to the side of me and used it as a reference for turning. Be very careful with turning, he will catch up if you turn too sharp. This will be a long fight, it took me 20 minutes but my gear isn't amazing.

I kept spamming Scorch (obviously while moving with talents) Living Bomb, Flame Orb, Fireblast, Hot Streak and Time-Warp. I averaged 7k DPS for this fight, like I said my gear isn't amazing, but it proves it can be done.

* Don't use Mirror Image
* Don't Ice Block
* Hunters make sure your pet has basically 0 aggro
* Stay away from the surface

The only reason to stay away from the surface is because it screwed my camera up!

Keep swimming backwards and watch your range, you should get him with no problems

Good luck and Have fun


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