WOW: Killing Diseased Vulture 2,000 Gold / Hour

Cataclysm is still new so the Auction House prices are still really high.I found a new way to make a pretty decent amount of gold by killing birds in Uldum. They have about 10k life, so should go down quickly.

The item your gonna farm is Delicate Wing, it has a really high drop rate. They sell for 13gold on my server right now.

I was able to farm all this in just one hour of work
132x Delicate Wing,
216 Gold in Grey Items
And a few greens i wont count into this, since it can be luck.

The reason why this item is so expensive right now is cause its used for Broiled Dragon Feast (The new feast in cataclysm, until we get another one)


  1. There should be at least 2-3 bird species around Uldum. If each bird has 10k life then i could get 5 WoW Gold for a single bird killed. That's awesome!