WOW: Farming Consortium Reputation Quickly

I recommend doing this between level 80 and 85. The main benefit of reaching exalted with Consortium is once a month you can go pickup a bag of gems in Nagrand, Membership Benefits . The green gems inside the bag go for a nice amount at the moment due to the popularity of people power leveling Jewel Crafting. Using this it is possible to grind the whole way in a single dungeon.

1. Enter Mana-tombs (Be sure to select Heroic Mode)

2. Clear everything apart from the last boss (Or just skip everything, but since ur farming rep anyway, its smart just killing everything you see.)
3. Engage the boss, but DO NOT attack him. He will spawn adds every 20-30 seconds.
4. Just go afk for some minutes, kill the adds and repeat : )

The adds give 22+ rep if you have the 10% rep increase from the guild perk.


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