WOW: Pick Your Volatile You Want Volatile Life to Transmute Into

If you're an Alchemist, with skill level 495+, you'll have the recipe: Living Elements. This requires you to take 15 Volatile Life, and then transmute them into a random volatile of a different type. We can make sure that we get a certain kind, however.

Do the xmute in the followings zones for the following elements:
Xmute 15 Volatile Life in Mount Hyjal = ALWAYS turns into Volatile Fires.
Xmute 15 Volatile Life in Uldum = ALWAYS turns into Volatile Airs.
Xmute 15 Volatile Life in Vashj'ir = ALWAYS turns into Volatile Waters.
Xmute 15 Volatile Life in Deepholm = ALWAYS turns into Volatile Earths.


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