WOW: Miner's / Lockpicker's Paradise - Tons of Elementium, Pyrite, Cloth, and Lockboxes

Ever since they nerfed the amount of mining nodes there has been a lot more competition when farming for ore. Luckily in this case, this is a good thing for us. I found this cave in Twilight Highlands that is a miner's paradise! There is usually an average of 4-5 nodes in the cave at all times (See screenshot) and sometimes even 6-7. The thing is, with SO many people out in the Twilight Highlands mining the nodes are constantly respawning. Well, if 5-10 minutes go by and no one has entered this cave there will 100% be at least 4-5 in there. Luckily, my main is a rogue so I am amble to pickpocket all the mobs in this cave.

Here is a screenshot of me inside the cave so you can what it looks like. Also, notice the three nodes on the minimap. That just one small section of the cave. (Click to see a high resolution version)

Here is the map for the location of the cave. The entrance is located at 37,88.(Click to see a high resolution version)


The route is very simple. Enter the cave, follow your way all the way down and do a big circle. Then come back up and repeat. The cave has

Elementium Ore
Rich Elementium Ore
and Pyrite Ore

TIP: If it is not peak hours on your server (not a lot of competition) then the spawn rate in these caves will be a lot lower. If it is not peak hours I suggest doing 2-3 laps around the cave, leaving, doing a lap around the entire Highlands and coming back.

If it is peak hours I suggest just staying in the cave and letting the respawn for you. Last night at 7:00pm server time I staid in the cave for over 3 hours and always had something to mine.

Lock Picking

If you are a rogue like me this is a GREAT spot to farm lockboxes. Why farm lock boxes? Well for one they have new bind on pickup potions but the best reason is BOE epics. The lockbox you will be getting from these mobs is called Flame-Scarred Junkbox - Item - World of Warcraft

Contains one of three possible BOE epics.

Spinerender - Spinerender - Item - World of Warcraft
The Twilight Blade - The Twilight Blade - Item - World of Warcraft
Krol Decapitator - Krol Decapitator - Item - World of Warcraft

Macro for easy farming:

#showtooltip Pick Pocket
/targetenemy [harm,nodead]
/use [nostealth,combat]Vanish;[nostealth]Stealth;Pick Pocket

Just put that on your stealth bar and target an enemy. Once an enemy is target just spam it and it will cycle through all harmful mobs nearby and will pickpocket them. It is great!


If you are not a stealth class you need to kill some mobs in order to mine inside this cave. Luckily, they have a very high drop rate of Embersilk Cloth. One of the mobs you will be killing is Depths Overseeer (Depths Overseer - NPC - World of Warcraft) which has over a 40% drop rate of 1-4 cloth.

Overall this is an amazing cave with tons of stuff to do in it. Luckily, I can do them all at the same time.


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  4. If it is peak hours I suggest just staying in the cave and letting the respawn for you. Last night at 7:00pm server time I staid in the cave for over 3 hours and always had something to mine.
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