WOW: Hunters Use Heroism/BloodLust as MM/Survival Spec

Hunter Use BloodLust or Heroism without having to Spec in Beast Mastery.

Normally as a hunter you need to be spec'd as 31 point Beast Mastery to tame/use a Corehound. With the new changes to Cataclysm, hunter's pets each provide a different and unique party/player buff. Corehounds happen to provide Blood Lust / Heroism.

My primary spec is 31 points into BM so this could have something to do with it but either way you have to have Beast Mastery at some point so your Corehound can be in your player "Call Pet" inventory.

To use the Heroism all you have to do is call pet and then VERY QUICKLY hit the "Ancient Hysteria" button on the Pet bar.

The Corehound will despawn almost immediately because you aren't the correct spec.

The awesome part is it de-spawns because you aren't the right spec. All you have to do is call another pet out right away after popping BloodLust.

I made a macro button so all I have to do is hit it's icon after I call pet then cast Blood Lust right away.
/Cast Ancient Hysteria