WoW: Theramore's Fall Unlocked

Theramore's Fall Sceneria WoW MoP

Starting September 17th-24th only players may queue up at level 85 for Theramores Fall. This is a new instance that can be later completed by characters at level 90 in Mists of Pandaria only.


- For the event you must be level 85 and have ilevel 353 gear to queue.

- These new Scenarios are not intended to be lengthy, can be completed by a party of friends or randoms regardless of class or specs balance.

- Down the road Theramore will eventually be replaced back to its original state.

- Jaina has a new in-game model after the attack on Theramore. Her hair has become white.

From Blizzard " Garrosh is obsessed with expanding his empire and views Theramore and Jaina as threats to his power. While the Alliance has strong reinforcements, nothing is too unethical for him to use as a military advantage. "

Limited Time Rewards:

Feats of strength for completing this Sceneria Theramore's Fall.
Also these limited time items Theramore Tabard for Alliance and Mini Mana Bomb for Horde.


  1. Looks like it currently bugged so make sure everyone only picks up one banner at a time. It's also a quick way to farm justice points.

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