Diablo3: 1.04 Patch Release Date and Class Changes

Diablo 3 Patch D3 1.04 1.4 1.004 Barbarian Bandaid This Game Needs Help

Blizzard puts out some info on the new patch downtime and I also included all the released changes in this coming patch. Huge post with tons of info!

Posted on the Blizzard site we have this:

"We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, August 21st. Maintenance will begin at 3:00 AM PDT and is expected to last for 8 hours. During this time, all servers and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience."

Downtime on Tuesdays does not take 8 hours for the usual maintenance so we will see the patch which was confirmed by a Blizzard rep on the forums.

Here are the class changes that I know about right now.


Bash - Now Generates 8 Fury per attack (up from 6) and deals 165% weapon damage (up from 150%)
Onslaught - : Add 2 reverberations that cause 25% (up from 23%) weapon damage per strike. Removes the chance for Knockback.
Punish - : Increases the damage of your skills by 8% (up from 6%) for 5 seconds after using Bash. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
Instigation - : Generate 4 (down from 6)additional Fury per attack.

Cleave - Generate: 5 Fury per attack / Swing your weapon in a wide arc to deal 140% (up from 120%) weapon damage to all enemies caught in the swing.
Broad Sweep - : Increase damage to 175% (up from 156%) weapon damage.

Hammer of the Ancients - Cost: 20 Fury / Call forth a massive hammer to smash enemies directly in front of you for 325% (up from 200%) weapon damage. Hammer of the Ancients has a 5% increased Critical Hit Chance.
Smash - : Strike a smaller area for 406% (Up from 270%) weapon damage.
Rolling Thunder - : Create a shockwave that deals 275% (up from 155%) weapon damage to all enemies within 22 yards in front of you.

Run Like the Wind - : Tornadoes rage in your wake, each one inflicting 60% weapon damage** as Physical for 3 seconds to nearby enemies**.

Weapon Throw - Cost: 10 Fury / Hurl a throwing weapon at an enemy for 130% (up from 100%)weapon damage and Slow the movement of the enemy by 60% for 2 seconds.
Mighty Throw - : Increase thrown weapon damage to 169% (up from 130%) weapon damage.

Rend - Cost: 20 Fury / A sweeping strike causes all nearby enemies to Bleed for 700% (up from 210%)weapon damage as Physical over 5 (up from 3) seconds.
Lacerate - : Increase damage to 903% (up from 271%) weapon damage as Physical over 5 (up from 3) seconds.
Mutilate - : Increase bleeding duration to 7 (up from 5) seconds.
Bloodbath - : Enemies killed while bleeding cause all enemies within 10 yards to begin bleeding for 100% (up from 60%) weapon damage as Physical over 5 ( up from 3) seconds.

Seismic Slam - Cost: 30 Fury / Slam the ground and cause a wave of destruction that deals 240% (up from 155%) weapon damage and knockback to targets in a 45 yard arc.
Shattered Ground - : Increase damage to 288% (up from 202%) weapon damage and increases Knockback distance by 100%.
Rumble - : The ground continues to shudder after the initial strike, damaging enemies in the area for 60% (up from 30%) weapon damage** as Physical over 2 seconds**.
Cracking Rift - : Focus the seismic shockwave along a narrow path to inflict 340% (up from 255%) weapon damage to targets along a 42 yard path.

Whirlwind - Cost: 16 Fury / Deliver multiple attacks to everything in your path for 145% (up from 110%) weapon damage.
Volcanic Eruption - : Turns Whirlwind into a torrent of magma that inflicts 189% (up from 143%) weapon damage as Fire.

Crushing Advance - : Redirect 35% (up from 30%) of incoming melee and ranged damage for 4 seconds after Overpower is activated.

Demon hunter

Brooding - No longer requires you to have not taken damage in the last 3 seconds

Multishot - Cost: 30 (down from 40) Hatred / Fire a massive volley of arrows dealing 165% weapon damage to all enemies in the area.
Fire at Will - : Cost reduced to 15 (down from 20) Hatred. Deals 165% weapon damage as Lightning.

Bola Shot - Generate: 3 Hatred / Shoot out an explosive bola that wraps itself around its target. After 1 second, the bola explodes dealing 160% (up from 130%) weapon damage as Fire to the target and an additional 110% weapon damage as Fire to all other targets within 7 yards.
Acid Strike - : Shoot 3 bolas that each deal 160% (up from 130%) weapon damage as Poison. The bolas no longer explode for area damage to nearby targets.
Thunder Ball - : When the bola explodes, it deals 160% (up from 130%) weapon damage as Lightning and has a 35% chance to Stun the primary target for 1.5 seconds.
Imminent Doom - : Augment the bola to deal 216% (up from 182%) weapon damage as Arcane to the target and 149% (down from 154%) weapon damage as Arcane to all other targets within 7 yards, but increases the explosion delay to 2 seconds.

Entangling Shot - Generate: 3 Hatred / Imbue an arrow with shadow energy that deals 90% (up from 75%) weapon damage and entangles up to 2 enemies, slowing their movement by 60% for 2 seconds.
Shock Collar - : Strike targets with electrified chains that do an additional 70% (up from 18%) weapon damageas Lightning over 2 seconds.

Trail of Cinders - : Ignite with Leave a trail of fire dealing 100 in your wake that inflicts 1500% weapon damage as Fire to everything along your path over 3 seconds.

Gas Grenades - : Throw gas grenades that explode for 95% weapon damage as Poison and leave a cloud that deals an additional 75% (up from 25%) weapon damageas Poison over 3 seconds to enemies who stand in the area.

Chakram - Cost: 10 Hatred / Fire a swirling Chakram that does 170% (up from 150%) weapon damage as Physical to enemies along its path.
Twin Chakrams - : A second Chakram mirrors the first. Each Chakram deals 114% (up from 101%) weapon damage as Physical.
Boomerang - : The Chakram path turns into a loop, dealing 230% (up from 188%) weapon damage as Lightning to enemies along the path.
Serpentine - : The Chakram follows a slow curve, dealing 230% (up from 203%) weapon damage as Poison to enemies along the path.
Razor Disk - : The Chakram spirals out from the targeted location dealing 187% (up from 165%) weapon damage as Arcane to enemies along the path.
Shuriken Cloud - : Surround yourself with spinning Chakrams for 120 seconds, dealing 34% (up from 30%) weapon damage per second as Physical to nearby enemies.

Jagged Spikes - : Enemies in the area also take 270% (up from 45) weapon damage** as Physical over 6 seconds**.

Cluster Arrow - Cost: 50 Hatred / Fire a cluster arrow that explodes for 225% (up from 200%) weapon damage as Fire into a series of additional miniature bombs that explode for 100% weapon damage as Fire each.
Loaded for Bear - : Increases the damage of the explosion at the impact location to 304% (up from 290%) weapon damage as Fire.
Maelstrom - : Instead of releasing grenades, the cluster releases shadow energy that deals 165% (up from 145%) weapon damage as Physical to nearby enemies. You will gain 4% of the damage done as Life.

Sentry - Cost: 10 Discipline / Drop a turret on the ground. The turret begins firing at nearby enemies for 55% (up from 20%) weapon damage. Lasts 30 seconds.
Chain of Torment - : Create a tether between you and the Sentry that does 80% (up from 40%) weapon damage every second to every enemy it touches.

Smoke Screen
Choking Gas - : Leave behind a cloud of gas that deals 700% (up from 70%) weapon damageas Physical to enemies in the area over 5 seconds.

Rain of Vengeance - Cooldown: 30 seconds / Fire a massive volley of arrows around you. Arrows fall from the sky dealing 715% (up from 75%) weapon damage for over 5 seconds to all enemies in the area.
Beastly Bombs - : Summon 20 Shadow Beasts to drop bombs on enemies, dealing 245% (up from 125%) weapon damage each.
Dark Cloud - : Launch a massive volley of guided arrows that rain down on enemies for 792% (up from 35%) weapon damage for over 12 seconds.
Anathema - : Summon a Shadow Beast that drops grenades from the sky dealing 3300% (up from 115%) weapon damage over 15 seconds (instead of for 10 seconds)
Flying Strike - : A group of 8 Shadow Beasts plummet from the sky at a targeted location dealing 100% (up from 60%) weapon damage each and stunning enemies for 2 seconds.
Stampede - : Summon a wave of 10 Shadow Beasts to tear across the ground, knocking back enemies and dealing 120% (up from 75%)weapon damage each.

Rapid Fire - Cost: 20 Hatred initially, and an additional 10 Hatred while channeling / Rapidly fire for 276% (up from 228%) weapon damage as Physical.
Bombardment - : Rapidly fire grenades that explode for 345% (up from 276%) weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within a 4 yard radius.

Impale - Cost: 25 Hatred / Impale a target for 265% (up from 250%) weapon damage.
Chemical Burn - : Your target will also Bleed for 220% (up from 125%) weapon damage as Physical over 2 seconds.

Strafe - Cost: 15 Hatred / Shoot at random nearby enemies for 156% (up from 120%) weapon damage while moving at 65% of normal movement speed.
Demolition - : Throw out bouncy grenades that explode for 187% (up from 144%) weapon damage to targets within 9 yards.

Evasive Fire - Generate: 4 Hatred / Cost: 4 Discipline if you backflip / Shoot for 130% (up from 125%)weapon damage. If an enemy is in front of you at close range, you will also backflip away 15 yards.
Covering Fire - : Shoot a spread of bolts that hit up to 3 targets for 130% (up from125%) weapon damage each.


Exalted Soul - Increases maximum Spirit by 100** and increases Spirit Regeneration by 1 per second**. / Spirit fuels your defensive and offensive abilities.

The Guardian's Path - While dual-wielding, you gain a 15% chance to dodge incoming attacks. While using a two-handed weapon, all Spirit generation is increased by 35% (up from 25%)

Fists of Thunder
Quickening - : Critical Hits generate an additional 15 Spirit for each target hit.

Deadly Reach
Strike from Beyond - : Critical Hits generate an additional 10 Spirit for each target hit.

Crippling Wave - Generate: 7 (up from 6) Spirit per attack / Unleash a series of large sweeping attacks that cause 110% weapon damage to all enemies in front of you. Every third hit damages all enemies around you and dazes them, slowing their movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
Rising Tide - : Critical Hits generate an additional 5 Spirit for each target hit.

Way of the Hundred Fists - Generate: 8 (up from 6) Spirit per attack / Unleash a rapid series of punches that strikes enemies for 140% weapon damage.
Fists of Fury - : Affected targets will take an additional 100% (up from 10%) weapon damage as Holy over 5 seconds. Also adds a short dash to the first strike.

Dashing Strike - Cost: 25 Spirit / Quickly dash at the targeted enemy or location, striking for 160% (up from 100%) weapon damage and rooting the target for 1 second.

Sweeping Wind
Master of Wind - : Increases the vortex duration to 20 (up from 10) seconds.

Exploding Palm - Cost: 40 Spirit / Cause a target to Bleed for 745% (up from 220%) weapon damage as Physical over 9 (up from 3) seconds. If the target dies while bleeding, it explodes and deals 30% of the target's maximum Life as Physical damage to all nearby enemies.
Impending Doom - : Increases the duration of the Bleed effect to deal 745% (up from 220%) weapon damage as Physical over 15 (up from 6) seconds.
Creeping Demise - : Also reduces your target's movement speed by 80%** for 3 seconds**.
The Flesh is Weak - : Also causes the target to take 12% additional damage for 9 (up from 3) seconds.
Essence Burn - : Instead of bleeding, the target will burn for 745% (up from 250) weapon damage as Fire over 9 (up from 3) seconds. If the target dies while burning, it explodes causing all nearby enemies to burn for 60% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. This effect can happen multiple times.

Seven-Sided Strike - Cost: 50 Spirit / Cooldown: 30 seconds / Dash rapidly between nearby enemies, dealing 1777% (up from 777%) weapon damage over 7 hits.
Sudden Assault - : Teleport to the target, increasing damage done to 2310% (up from 1007%) weapon damage over 7 strikes.
Fulminating Onslaught - : Each strike explodes, dealing 254% (up from 111%) weapon damage as Holy in a 7 yard radius around the target.

Wave of Light - Cost: 75 Spirit / Focuses a wave of light that crushes enemies for 390% (up from 215%) weapon damage as Holy, followed by an additional 45% weapon damage as Holy to all enemies in a line.
Wall of Light - : Increases damage of the initial strike to 566% (up from 312%) weapon damage as Holy.
Explosive Light - : Release bursts of energy that deal 430% (up from 285%) weapon damage as Holy to nearby enemies.
Pillar of the Ancients - : Summon an ancient pillar that deals 280% (up from 210%)weapon damage followed by an additional 280% (up from 210%) weapon damage after 2 seconds.

Lashing Tail Kick - Cost: 30 Spirit / Unleash a deadly roundhouse kick that knocks enemies back and deals 235% (up from 200%) weapon damage.
Vulture Claw Kick - : Release a torrent of fire that burns nearby enemies for 259% (up from 220%) weapon damage as Fire and causes Knockback.
Spinning Flame Kick - : Hurl a column of fire that burns through enemies, causing 294% (up from 240%) weapon damage as Fire to each enemy it strikes.

Tempest Rush - Cost: 15 Spirit plus an additional 10 Spirit while channeling / Charge directly through your enemies, knocking them back and hobbling them, slowing their movement by 60% for 2 seconds. Also deals 85% (up from 50%)weapon damage while running.

Witch Doctor

Circle of Life - Whenever an enemy dies within 12 yards, there is a 30% chance (up from 5%) that a Zombie Dog will automatically emerge. The range of this effect is increased by items that increase your gold pickup radius.

Spirit Vessel - Reduces the cooldown of your Horrify, Spirit Walk, and Soul Harvest spells by 2 seconds. In addition, the next time you receive fatal damage, you automatically enter the spirit realm for 2 seconds (down from 3) and heal to 15% of your maximum Life (up from 10%). This effect cannot occur more than once every 90 seconds.

Rush of Essence - Spirit spells return 49 Mana over 10 seconds. (Changed from 30% of the spells' Mana cost over 10 seconds) / Spirit spells are: / *Haunt / *Horrify / *Mass Confusion / *Soul Harvest / *Spirit Barrage / *Spirit Walk

Vision Quest - When you deal damage with Corpse Spiders, Firebomb, Plague of Toads or Poison Dart, your Mana regeneration is increased by 30% for 5 seconds (Changed from 300% Mana regeneration when 4 more skills are on cooldown).

Grave Injustice - Whenever an enemy dies within 8 yards, regain 2% of your maximum Life and Mana (up from 1%) and the cooldown on all of your abilities is reduced by 1 second. This range is extended by items that increase your gold pickup radius.

Tribal Rites - The cooldowns of your Fetish Army, Big Bad Voodoo, Hex, Gargantuan, Summon Zombie Dogs and Mass Confusion abilities are reduced by 25% (Previously didn't affect Gargantuan, Summon Zombie Dogs and Mass Confusion).

Summon Zombie Dogs - Cost: 49 Mana / Cooldown: 45 seconds (down from 60 seconds) / Summon 3 Zombie Dogs from the depths to fight by your side. Each dog deals 9% of your weapon damage as Physical per hit.
Burning Dogs - : Your Zombie Dogs burst into flames, burning nearby enemies for 2% of your weapon damage as Fire** *every second (Added "every second"*).

Poison Dart
Flaming Dart - : Ignite the dart so that it deals 180% (up from 160%) weapon damage as Fire at once.
Spined Dart - : Gain 29 Mana (up from 25 Mana) every time a Poison Dart hits an enemy.

Corpse Spiders - Cost: 5 Mana / Throw a jar with 4 spiders that attack nearby enemies for a total of 120% (up from 16%) weapon damage as Physical before dying.
Blazing Spiders - : Summon fire spiders that deal a total of 156% (up from 21%) weapon damage as Fire.
Spider Queen - : Summon a spider queen that births spiderlings, dealing 630% (up from 16%) weapon damage as Poison over 15 seconds. (Previously stated "to enemies in the area") / You may only have one spider queen summoned at a time.
Leaping Spiders - : Summon jumping spiders that leap up to 25 yards to reach their target and attack for a total of 144% (up from 19%) weapon damage as Physical.

Grasp of the Dead - Cost: 123 Mana / Cooldown: 8 seconds / Ghoulish hands reach out from the ground, slowing enemy movement by 60% and dealing 320% (up from 20%) weapon damage as Physical over 8 seconds (Previously stated "for 8 seconds").
Groping Eels - : Increases the damage done to 416% (up from 26%) weapon damage as Physical.
Death Is Life - : Enemies who die while in the area of Grasp of the Dead have a 10% chance (up from 5%) to produce a health globe** *or summon a Zombie Dog (Previously did not have a chance to summon a Zombie Dog*).

Soul Harvest
Languish - : Reduces the movement speed of harvested enemies by 80% (up from 60%) for 3 seconds.
Vengeful Spirit - : Harvested enemies also take 230% (up from 70%) weapon damage as Physical.

Locust Swarm
Diseased Swarm - : Enemies killed by Locust Swarm leave behind a cloud of locusts that deal 75% (up from 25%) weapon damage as Poison over 3 seconds** *to enemies who stand in the area (Changed wording from "This cloud of locusts lingers for 3 seconds"*).

Spirit Barrage - Cost: 108 Mana / Bombard a target with a spirit blasts to deal 230% (up from 190%) weapon damage as Physical.


Cold Blooded - Cold All damage dealt to chilled and frozen targets is increased by 20%.

Spectral Blade
Impactful Blades - : Hits Slow the movement of enemies by 80% (up from 60%) for 1 second (Previously also had a 5% chance to Knockback).
Siphoning Blade - : Every enemy hit grants 3 (up from 1) Arcane Power.

Shock Pulse - Launch a volley of 3 electric bolts that deal 53% (up from 48%) weapon damage as Lightning damage per bolt. / Cost: 0 Arcane Power
Fire Bolts - : Cast bolts of fire that each deal 152% (up from 137%) weapon damage as Fire.
Lightning Affinity - : Every target hit by a pulse restores 3 (up from 2) Arcane Power.
Jagged Ice - : Melee attackers also take 130% (up from 100%) weapon damage as Cold.
Crystallize - : Whenever you are struck by a melee attack, your Armor is increased by 30% (up from 15%) for 30 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Electrocute - This is a Signature spell. Signature spells are free to cast. / Lightning arcs from your fingertips, dealing 90% (up from 80%) weapon damage as Lightning. The lightning can jump, hitting up to 2 additional enemies.
Lightning Blast - : Create streaks of lightning that pierce through targets, hitting all enemies for 86% (up from 80%) weapon damage as Lightning.
Arc Lightning - : Blast a cone of lightning that causes 115% (up from 80%) weapon damage as Lightning to all affected targets.
Forked Lightning - : Critical Hits release 4 charged bolts in random directions, dealing 55% (up from 46%) weapon damage as Lightning to any targets hit.

Explosive Blast
Time Bomb - : Explosive Blast detonates from the point it was originally cast after 2.5 seconds for 315% (up from 293%) weapon damage as Physical.

Diamond Skin
Mirror Skin - : Reflects 100% (up from 50%) of damage absorbed back at the attacker.
Enduring Skin - : Increases the duration of Diamond Skin to 9 (up from 8) seconds.
Diamond Shards - : When Diamond Skin wears off, diamond shards explode in all directions dealing 210% (up from 155%) weapon damage as Physical to nearby enemies.

Frost Hydra - : Summon a Frost Hydra that breathes a short range cone of frost to cause 36% (up from 31%) weapon damage as Cold to all enemies in the cone.
Lightning Hydra - : Summon a Lightning Hydra that electrocutes enemies for 64% (up from 34%) weapon damage as Lightning.
Mammoth Hydra - : Summon a Mammoth Hydra that breathes a river of flame at nearby enemies, dealing 67% (up from 22%) weapon damage per second as Fire to enemies caught on the burning ground.
Arcane Hydra - : Summon an Arcane Hydra that spits Arcane Orbs, which explode on impact, causing 60% (up from 28%) weapon damage as Arcane to enemies near the explosion.

Meteor - Cost: 60 Arcane Power / Summon an immense Meteor that plummets from the sky, causing 260% (up from 200%) weapon damage as Fire to all enemies it crashes into. The ground it hits is scorched with molten fire that deals 60% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.
Molten Impact - : Increases the damage of the Meteor impact to 390% (up from 260%) weapon damage as Fire and the molten fire to 90% (up from 78%) weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.
Meteor Shower - : Unleash a volley of 7 smaller Meteors that each strike for 104% (up from 80%) weapon damage as Fire.
Comet - : Transforms the Meteor to ice that deals 312% (up from 240%) weapon damage as Cold. The impact site is covered in a freezing mist that deals 72% weapon damage as Cold and Slows enemy movement by 60% over 3 seconds.

Arcane Torrent - Cost: 16 Arcane Power (down from 20 Arcane Power) / Hurl a barrage of arcane projectiles that deal 210% (up from 175%) weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies near the impact location.
Cascade - : Enemies killed by Arcane Torrent have a 100% chance to fire a new missile at a nearby enemy dealing 210% (up from 175%) weapon damage as Arcane.
Arcane Mines - : Instead of firing projectiles, lay Arcane mines that arm after 2 seconds. These mines explode when an enemy approaches, dealing 180% (up from 150%) weapon damage as Arcane. Enemies caught in the explosion have their movement and attack speeds reduced by 30% for 3 seconds.

Slow Time - : Archon form can cast Slow Time that lasts for 15 seconds (up from 8 seconds).
Arcane Destruction - : An explosion erupts around you when you transform, causing 1600% (up from 450%) weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 15 yards.

Calamity - : Casts a low power Wave of Force upon arrival, dealing 265% (up from 75%) weapon damage as Physical to all nearby enemies.


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