SC2: Changing The Background Image

Starcraft 2 background bg image changing how to

This is an exploit to change the in-game background screen in Starcraft 2. When looking at the ladder screen or the custom game lobby we can change that background. This will put your custom image in that area.

For this to work Starcraft 2 must be closed. Can not be running. Also remember you can get in trouble for this. Many Korean streamers have their background altered and never received any punishment. So there is a chance but it will probably never happen.

1) First download a MPQ Editor: Here is one I used Simple MPQ Editor

2) Next find the image you want to use. Blizzard uses .dds as their picture files so a jpeg will not work. You can easily use to make your images into .dds format. I would save this file to your desktop to make it easy.

3) Now open your MPQ editor. Click FILE > Open MPQ. We need to find the MPQ. Go to the installation folder. It will be somewhere like Program Files\Starcraft II\\

4) We are now in the MPQ. In the MPQ navigate to and then Double-Click on Shared.

5) Now drag the picture from your desktop into the right part of the editor. See below for an explanation of each section.

Note: When you change your MPQ it will take up to a couple minutes longer to load due to the game reading the new MPQ file.

Here is a breakdown of what each file name means, the size your image should be for best quality and what it does.

Home Background (1500 x 808)
Standard Menu Background
Quickmatch Terran (1352 x 812)
Quickmatch Zerg (1424 x 820)
Quickmatch Protoss (1508 x 832)
Quickmatch Random (1504 x 808)
Multiplayer Join/Create Custom Background (1500x808)
Multiplayer In-Lobby Background (1500 x 808)
Score Screen (1500 x 808)


  1. ooooo i like! so much can be changed in the mpq files

  2. wow this is pretty sweet. thanks

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