WOW: Shadowspirit Diamonds Tons of Profit


Start up Gold - Depending on price of Obsidium Ore
Jewelcrafting level of 425
Alchemy level of 525


Buy Obsidium Ore at a reasonable price. This varies from server to server. Buy the cheapest for maximum profit.

Prospect the Obsidium Ore.
You are after the following:

Green Gems

Alicite x 3
Nightstone x 3
Zephyrite x 3
Carnelian x 3
Hessonitex 3
Jasper x 3

Note: If you acquire any of the other Blue Gems, feel free to sell them on the Auction House, as they aren't required for this tip

You do not need these:

Ember Topaz
Amber Jewel
Dream Emerald
Inferno Ruby
Ocean Sapphire

Using your Alchemy / Alchemist, transmute the above Green Gems, of which you need 3 of each.
Transmute: Shadowspirit Diamond

You should receive 2 x Shadowspirit Diamond, valued at between 300-500g each.


A stack of Obsidium Ore costs 70 Gold.

You have the ability to Prospect a stack, 4 times.

70/4 = 17.5 Gold per
Green Gem

Alicite 17.5 Gold x 3
Nightstone 17.5 Gold x 3
Zephyrite 17.5 Gold x 3
Carnelian 17.5 Gold x 3
Hessonite 17.5 Gold x 3
Jasper 17.5 Gold x 3

Total Cost : 310 Gold for 2 x Shadowspirit Diamond

Minimum Profit: (200x2)-310 = 90 Gold
Maximum Profit: (400x2)-310 = 490 Gold

Other Information

Much more productive than Truegold - There is no cooldown on these. Multitudes can be made, for little investment, and large profits.


I'd hurry up and use this method. As raiding has really only just begun, there is a huge demand for meta gems as people acquire new gear.

Many players have finished maxing out their professions, so you will find a rise in competition when selling these gems.

Note: All of these prices are Sever Dependent and may or may not reflect your realms economy.

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