WOW: Make Gold with Deepstone Oil

Requirements: To make gold with this you must have an alchemy level of at least 470.

Deepstone Oil - Item - World of Warcraft Is a necessary component for Vial of the Sands - Spell - World of Warcraft and Mysterious Potion - Spell - World of Warcraft add that to the fact that this potion has a cool effect on its own it becomes quite a good seller. The materials to make this potion is just one Albino Cavefish - Item - World of Warcraft.

Cost: One Albino Cavefish usually goes for 10-20 gold in the Auction House on my server.
Profit: One Albino Cavefish  has a chance to make 1-2 Deepstone oil. Each oil goes for about 30-40 gold on my server. So the profit can range from 10gold (assuming a material cost of 20gold, and selling Deepstone oil at 30 gold) to a profit of 60g (assuming a mat cost of 10 gold, and selling Deepstone oil at 40 gold each on the AH.


  1. Interesting, this should come in handy.