WOW: Getting Started With A Mutilate Rogue Guide PvE

This mini-guide will go over Talents, Glyphs, Gear, Rotation, Situational Abilities, and every little trick I know to get you a very high DPS toon. After reading this you'll be ready to start running Heroics and more than likely be the TOP DPS.


First we will go over talents. Your spec should be 31/02/08 and for those of you who have difficulty figuring out what increases your DPS and what does not, here is a link Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

If you have any questions about why we select these talents, go ahead and post a comment.


When selecting your equipment keep Stat Priority in mind. Your Stat Priority is Agility > Hit until 1332 > Mastery > Haste > Expertise > Critical Strike > Hit after 1332.

Your going to want a minimum of 1332 hit rating. This is for your spell hit raiding in raids. (Used for your Poisons) Poisons are a huge percent of your damage, which is the reason mastery is the next most important secondary stat. Agility is FAR more valuable than any other stat with its benefits.

For your weapon Poisons use Instant Poison on your Main Hand, Deadly Poison on your Off Hand. This gives maximum Damage per Second.


Head: Head Enchant from Ramkahen Reputation
Cloak: +22 Agility
Shoulders: Shoulder Enchant from Therazane
Chest: +20 ALL Stats
Bracers: +65 Haste
Gloves: +65 Mastery
Legs: Dragonscale Leg Armor or the LeatherWorker's Equivalent
Boots: +35 Agility
Weapons: Landslide. This is the best enchant. Your going to want this ASAP

For your gems go for Stat Priority. For the Socket Bonus, if were looking at something such as +20 Critical, Don't worry about it. Just throw a +Agility Gem in there. We wont be losing too much from not having the Socket Bonus.


Your three Prime Glyphs will be Mutilate, Rupture, and Backstab. Slice and Dice glyph will make your rotation much easier, but wont increase your DPS.

One of your Major Glyphs should be Feint. If you Raid get the Kick Glyph. It allows you to handle more interrupts and pick up the slack for someone else.

The rest of your Glyphs will be based upon your personal preference.


Rotation is the most important part of being a Mutilate Rogue. You will not be able to follow a simple skill rotation. Energy procs from Rupture and how many combo points during a finisher change everything.

Your going to want to open with a Garrote, Use Slice & Dice off of that. Hit a 4-5 point Rupture. At this point, if you can get a 4-5 point Envenom before Slice & Dice goes down, do it. If SnD is about to expire, get a smaller Envenom to refresh it. Continue Mutilating to 4-5 points and using Envenom until Rupture is about to fall, then pop a 4-5 point Rupture.

Your goal is to keep both Rupture and SnD up 100% of the time. If you have to choose, use Envenom to keep SnD up over Rupture. Pop Cooldowns as they come up and remember Vanish is an offensive cooldown.

After the boss drops below 35% replace Mutilate with Backstab and use 5 point finishers. This will be your execute phase of the fight.

Situational Abilities

Feint can be used to reduce AoE damage by a lot. Use it on every AoE mechanic.

Cloak of Shadows is your best friend. Trivializes many mechanics. Drops a large variety of debuffs, even "Acquiring Target" on Omnotron Defense System, saving your raid from the flamethrower!

Recuperate in some fights can make it much easier. On the Chimera boss in BWD you can use it to get your health up above 10k, which is ALL you need. When healing is needed on the entire raid, use it religiously when you have the energy and combo points to spare. Note: Can be used on dead targets to heal after a fight.

Redirect is not very useful, unless your switching targets a lot in a fight. Use it to keep maximum DPS.

Dismantle is not useful in raids. Some Heroic bosses can actually be dismantled, notably, the second boss in Grim Batol's swords.

Shiv is actually very useful now.

Tricks of the Trade. After Overkill drops you should be Vanishing. If you are having aggro trouble, Use Tricks of the Trade. DON'T BE STUBBORN.

Okay guys, you are now ready to do some raiding. If you have any questions leave a comment.


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