WOW: Easy Dungeon Dailys as Tank

Note: This requires being a tank or even a healer that gets fast queue times to be effective.

What will happen:
Look for "This Dungeon is in Progress" when your Queue pops. You'll have a really good chance of getting in an instance that's nearly completed, meaning waste little to no time in the instance, and can get your daily finished in only minutes.

Things to know:
* Works with multiple people, no more than 3 others.
* You may have to continuously queue, but it will eventually appear. Just leave the queue if it doesn't show up.
* Works much easier with the less you have, more likely with less people (less time wasted finding an in progress queue).
* Saves you tons of time.

Additional Note:
You are unlikely to receive the Deserter Debuff if you accept and get stuck at the first boss. More than likely 15 minutes have already passed.


  1. That's a great tip, I never thought of looking for "in progress" dungeons. Also, I'd supplement the dungeon grind with regular questing, especially if you find yourself doing repeats of dungeons a lot.

  2. I never would have thought to do in progress ones, either. Good idea.

  3. great info 10/10 thanks!

  4. good info, I'll be sure to tell my friends who play wow about this.

  5. It's pretty easy to do it with anyone now ^^

  6. Good info, too bad I don't play wow...

  7. it's been a while since i've touched wow. it's all about sc now.

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  9. This requires being a tank or even a healer that gets fast queue times to be effective.
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