WOW: All Elders Locations Coords And Way Points

Waypoints for The Elders Event pinning NPC's to your map, so you wont have to alt/tab all the time to check where they are. The best addon to use for this will be TomTom. You can download here from WoW Interface. TomTom : WoWInterface Downloads

You can delete all the default way points using:
/way reset all

NOTE: It WILL remove all the waypoints even, your own personal waypoints if you have some. So beware.

Adding the Waypoints to TomTom:
1st Option:
You will need to put these to macro. (Attempting to use the chat will create a mess and take much longer.) As you notice, I have added the lines between them. Macros are limited to 255 characters to you will need to make several macros (I just copy/pasted over the previous macro after I used it.)
2nd Option:
Get an addon what will support large macros. (I'm using SuperDuperMacro)

Waypoint Coords Input Macro:

Elders of Kalimdor (21)
/way Teldrassil 56.82 53.09 Dolanaar
/way Silithus 53.02 35.47 Cenarion Hold
/way Mulgore 48.3 53.4 Bloodhoof Village
/way Winterspring 53.2 56.6 Lake Kel'Theril

/way Tanaris 51.4 28.8 Gadgetzan
/way Feralas 76.70 37.95 Lariss Pavilion
/way Southern Barrens 41.57 47.50 Vendetta point near Camp Taurajo
/way Feralas 62.50 31.00 Dire Maul pvp arena

/way Northern Barrens 48.54 59.27 The Crossroads
/way Thousand Needles 77.09 75.63 Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge
/way Felwood 37.7 52.9 Jaedenar
/way Silithus 30.8 13.12 Crystal Vale

/way Tanaris 37.2 79.0 Valley of the Watchers (Outside of Uldum)
/way Ashenvale 35.4 48.9 Astranaar
/way Durotar 53.1 43.5 Razor Hill
/way Azshara 64.7 79.4 Ravencrest Monument

/way Thousand Needles 46.3 51.0 Freewind Post
/way Darkshore 49.5 18.9 (Lor'danel)
/way Winterspring 59.69 49.93 Everlook
/way Un'Goro Crater 50.1 76.1 Slithering Scar
/way Northern Barrens 68.4 69.9 Ratchet

Elders of Eastern Kingdoms (17)
/way Blasted Lands 54.24 49.62 Dark Portal
/way Burning Steppes 64.2 24.0 Flame Crest
/way Dun Morogh 46.7 51.4 Kharanos
/way Tirisfal Glades 61.7 53. Brill

/way The Hinterlands 49.9 47.9 Creeping Ruin
/way Searing Gorge 21.1 78.8 Blackchar Cave
/way Western Plaguelands 63.5 36.1 Inside of The Weeping Cave
/way Western Plaguelands 69.0 73.0 Outside of Scholomance (upstairs)

/way Silverpine Forest 44.8 41.1 The Sepulcher
/way Burning Steppes 70.45 45.26 Dreadmaul Rock
/way Loch Modan 33.0 46.5 Thelsamar
/way Westfall 56.6 47.0 Sentinel Hill

/way Eastern Plaguelands 75.7 54.6 Light's Hope Chapel
/way Northern Stranglethorn 71.1 34.26 Zul'Gurub
/way Elwynn Forest 39.6 63.5 Goldshire
/way Eastern Plaguelands 35.6 68.8 Crown Guard Tower
/way Northern Stranglethorn 40.0 72.46 Booty Bay

Elders of Northrend (18 )
/way Borean Tundra 57.3 43.7 D.E.H.T.A.
/way Grizzly Hills 60.6 27.7 Westfall Brigade Encampment
/way Wintergrasp 49.0 13.9 Wintergrasp Fortress
/way The Storm Peaks 28.9 73.7 Frosthold

/way The Storm Peaks 41.2 84.7 K3
/way Grizzly Hills 80.5 37.1 Ruins of Tethys
/way Dragonblight 29.7 55.9 Star's Rest
/way The Storm Peaks 64.6 51.3 Camp Tunka'lo

/way Borean Tundra 33.8 34.4 Transitus Shield
/way Borean Tundra 42.9 49.6 Warsong Hold
/way Sholazar Basin 49.8 63.0 River's Heart
/way Borean Tundra 59.1 65.6 Valiance Keep
/way Dragonblight 35.1 48.3 Agmar's Hammer

/way The Storm Peaks 31.3 37.6 Bouldercrag's Refuge
/way Zul'Drak 58.9 56.0 Zim'Torga
/way Dragonblight 48.8 78.2 Moa'ki Harbor
/way Sholazar Basin 63.8 49.0 Rainspeaker Rapids
/way Grizzly Hills 64.2 47.0 Camp Oneqwah

Elders of the Alliance (3)
These elders are located in Alliance capital cities.
/way Ironforge 28.1 17.0 Mystic Ward
/way Stormwind City 34.54 50.29 Elwynn Forest
/way Darnassus 39.32 31.73 Cenarion Enclave

Elders of the Horde (3)
These elders are located in Horde capital cities.
/way Undercity 66.59 38.39 Ruins of Lordaeron (outside)
/way Orgrimmar 52.30 59.96 The Drag (On top)
/way Thunder Bluff 72.2 23.5 Elder Rise


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