Protect Against Keylogger Stealing Accounts

The Usual Phisher

This is the most used phisher, that every script kiddie can set up. It simply means they copied the layout (or at least mimic it) of the official World of Warcraft site.
They usually spread these via emails, mostly with:

* Cataclysm Alpha/Beta Sign Up or Account info Changes
* A special action like winning mounts.
* Telling you you're suspected of buying/selling gold or hacking accounts.

If you wonder how they got your email, they usually use a program that scans World of Warcraft websites and save all associated emails.

How to recognize these phisher mails:
They come from "" or "". Blizzard never uses this for these kind of emails, however people who try to phish use a fake mailer to be able to use that mail address.

Also, if they ask for your password, secret question/answer or stuff like your address, its a scam! Because Blizzard will never ask for your password/SQA.

When they link you to a site, no matter how it looks in your email, it can be a phisher. They do that easily by faking the link with HTML code (a href). Hover over the link and check at the bottom of your browser what the real link is.

The Advanced Phisher

You will rarely see this one, but it still exist. The hacker injects you in any way and changes your hosts file with this. That way, if you go to the official World of Warcraft site he can still phish you. I have no experience with this, but this can easily be checked at your hosts file. This can be found at system32\drivers\etc\ . Open it as Admin to edit this, and check if there is anything related to World of Warcraft in there that you didn't put in yourself. Delete this and you're safe. Of course, if there was something there, also scan your computer. I recommend having the program Ad-Aware.


BROWSE PORN ON A PORN SITE; Not on the official WoW forums. I see these posts several times a day: A lot of pornography websites are filled with spy ware.Make sure to always have some type of anti-spyware program enabled at all times. The second your program detects something stop using that site immediately and do a full scan.

If you suspect a keylogger is on your computer and must login to a website with vital information use the Character Map! Usually it is found under Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. *Windows XP


  1. I actually saw this pop up in my inbox the other day (ironically). I gotta give them points for making it official. The one problem was the fact that I had didn't have an account attached to that e-mail. Haha

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  3. I know about these e-mails, they are pretty annoying i get like 30 in my inbox everyday...

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  10. So many people deal with this problem and have no idea how it happened, so it's good that you point this out.

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  13. Good tips for any game. I hope most people aren't stupid enough to get kelogged (at least by the typical keylogger)

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  15. I hate phishers. I have never lost an account to them but I know people who have.