WOW: Queue for Low Level Dungeons at 85

Alright. Me and some friends of mine were doing heroics back at 80, and we discovered a nifty trick. I was in Scarlet Monastery killing a few mobs for fun, and a queue popped. We did the heroic like normal, and everybody but us left the group. I teleported out of dungeon, and it placed me back in SM. However, all of the mobs were reset, so I decided to kill one. We invited a guild mate to our group, but they were already in a group, so WoW saw it as if it were a 'decline' to join the group. It then asked us if we would like to find more players for "Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral", and we accepted, thinking it was just a visual bug. However, once it paired us with our group members, we realized that they were, in fact, the appropriate level for Scarlet Monastery.

Steps to reproduce this bug:

1. Queue for a random dungeon/heroic. (WITH A FRIEND WHO IS ON YOUR SERVER)
2. Finish the dungeon (or trick everyone except you and a friend into leaving).
3. When you finish, make sure you and your friend both stay in the group.
4. Teleport out, and make your way to the low level dungeon of your choice: Stockades, Deadmines (Deadmines and SFK MAY not work, due to them having a heroic difficulty. This can be bypassed by queuing for a normal, not a heroic), RFC, etc.
5. Go into the portal, kill any mob, and zone back out.
6. Invite someone to your group, but have them decline the invitation. This can be done by inviting someone who is already in a group, or inviting someone after you tell them to decline the incoming invitation
7. A window should show up asking if you want to find more players for your group, press yes.