WOW: Exp Grinding , Looting Gold & Random BoE In Deepholm

With this trick I was able to continuously loot mobs while a NPC was killing for me.

1. Progress to this quest in Deepholm: Quest: The Stone March *Requires Our Part of the Bargain

2. Accept The Stone March and continue to the Questing Location in the following Screen Shot:

3. Farm all the mobs in this area and pass them by Boden the Imposing. He does AOE and will 1-2 shot most mobs.

The mobs that spawn are Twilight Soul Reapers and Defaced Earth Ragers. They will give you FULL XP despite having NPC Help. They also have low health and die pretty quickly. They are on a VERY short spawn time. Not instant, But Very Very short. They also have a regular loot table, so you can put it on auto loot and get gold and items while you are grinding these mobs.

I was getting about 1 bar every 30 minutes or around 1 Million Experience an hour at level 84 NON-RESTED.