WOW: Amazing Pickpocketing Location

If you want to farm Flame-Scarred Junkboxes for a chance at BoE epics, I found an amazing place today. In north-east Deepholm, at the Verlok Stand, there are a ton of mining troggs wandering around on a ledge. Every mob is Humanoid and I had 10 Junkboxes in half a lap around.

The mobs are packed very tight and you need to be extra careful. I have a "Picksap" macro that will sap the closest target and pick it's pockets. I know there are fancier pickpocketing macros around but I like the one I made, sapping the current target is nice for manuevering around on the crowded bridges.

#show Sap
#showtooltip Sap
/cast Sap
/cast Pick Pocket


  1. I have made a video guide about farming the boxes, that can contain this item, in The Lost City of the Tol'vir. Please go check it if you are interested in having your own private set of mobs to pickpocket to your hearts content. The video can be found at Hope this is helpful, have fun stealing your way to epic weapons.