WOW: Patch 4.0.3a Up, Next Phase Coming Soon

The next phase of the pre-event (while it is not considered a part of the "elemental invasion" arc) will be launched by the end of this week. Phase "5" of the pre-event will involve the betrayal of Archbishop Benedictus and Grand Magister Rommath, the arrival of Deathwing to Stormwind and Cho'gall's assault on Orgrimmar, and the destruction of the world as we know it in the Shattering.

Our sources tell us that the Shattering (the next patch) will deploy sometime between Monday-Wednesday next week (Nov 22nd-24th), following the rest of the pre-event, which will culminate by the end of this week.

The next patch will include:

- New changes to old zones
- New quests
- New race/class combos (Not Worgen or Goblin)
- Flying mounts in Azeroth

Once again, it is strongly speculated that this patch will arrive between November 22nd to the 24th, following the culmination of the elemental invasion.

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