WOW: Cataclysm Stockpiling Guide

As most of the WoW population will reroll in the first 1-2 months of Cataclysm, a never before experienced (on such a large scale) economic aspect of World of Warcraft will come to life. That is, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people will rush to the Auction House to buy the mats required to powerlevel their alt's professions.

This guide will teach you (or just provide you with a list) what, when, how and how much stuff to stockpile for Cataclysm in order to resell and make a huge profit. I have made around 100,000 gold during the first few weeks after WotLK was released using these methods and I am 99% confident that they will work for you. Enough jabbering, let's get down to business:

How this thread is arranged:

1) General Information
2) Professions (Secondary + Primary)
3) Companion Pets & Mounts
4) Other stuff that should be in here

 General Information

You should have a bank toon equipped with everything it needs (ex: own guild, large bags, auctioneer - or whatever addon you prefer - auction house data, etc.). If you don't, read this.

You are going to buy a ton of items from the auction house, so you must have a 5k-10k gold budget to spend on the stuff listed in this guide.

If you use Auctioneer to gather your auction house data and have all the percentages saved up, look only for stuff that is under-priced, NEVER buy over-priced stuff! This is a mistake that most people do because they lack patience. You should never spend more than 10-20 minutes a day looking through the AH for things to stockpile.

Again, if you use Auctioneer, always buy items that are under 60% of their particular market value.

Professions - What to Stockpile


Since mining fuels 3 primary professions -Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting- it will probably be your main source of profit using this technique.

What to buy
Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Iron Ore
Mithril Ore
Thorium Ore
Fel Iron Ore
Cobalt Ore
Saronite Ore
Heavy Stone
Solid Stone 


What to buy - Alchemy
Golden Sansam


What to buy - Inscription
Emerald Pigment

Khadgar's Whisker
Nether Pigment
Ancient Lichen
Dreaming Glory
Mana Thistle
Nightmare Vine
Azure Pigment
Adder's Tongue
Fire Leaf
Tiger Lily 

What to buy
Light Leather
Medium Leather
Heavy Leather
Thick Leather
Rugged Leather
Knothide Leather
Borean Leather
Arctic Fur 

What to buy
Soul Dust
Vision Dust
Dream Dust
Arcane Dust
Infinite Dust - A LOT-
Shards may or may not increase in price, depending on how many people run instances and DE their drops. I have no way of telling how the shard niche will turn out and I don't want to waste money on something that will drop in price.

Low level enchants will sell amazingly fast due to new populations of twinks that will start to emerge during Cataclysm, so keep that in mind!


Any cloth will do, really. People will want cloth for Tailoring, Engineering and of course, First Aid. Don't forget about all that cool rep that you get just by turning in cloth.

Runecloth is your best friend in this situation.

Also, one Netherweave Bag require a stack of Netherweave cloth to create. Most people will buy bags from the AH for their alts when Cataclysm hits, so expect to see a large increase in Netherweave prices.

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