WoW: Updated way to kill other players in Major City

There is the new way to get others killed inside of Stormwind. To do this you will pull the NPC Crithdo.It will work best with a class that can drop agro. Works at any level.

In the Stormwind Keep go to the gardens outside the throne room. Agro Crithdo with any low damage attack and have him follow you by continuing to spam low damage attacks.

Kiting this NPC to the auction area while yelling "/yell Do Not Spam AOE abilities" will usually cause someone to cast one which brings agro to them. Also throwing a Leather Ball from darkmoon faire and them throwing it back will change agro also.

Also worth trying with Gamon in Org, but his model is much larger and harder to pull.

WoW: Farm Valarjar Soul Fragments for The Lost Army

Having the quest Helarjar Landing: Vrek from Stormheim active allows you to farm the Valarjar Soul Fragments. 

The mob Vaetfang can drop up to 2 Valerjar Soul Fragments if you have the quest Halarjer Landing Vrek active. To stop the quest from completing do NOT kill Helya's Helarjar. The quest will finish if you kill 10 total. The coordinates are 73.96 86.73, they respawn after 60 seconds. 


Hearthstone: Complete Daily Storming Stormwind Quickly

In the brawl Storming Stormwind to quickley complete just pass your turn. This will allow the city of Stormwind to quickley kill you. Each game that is completed will count as a win. Use this for the win # games quest to knock them out. 

Using this will complete card games in under 3 minutes.


WoW: Keep your anniversery gift forever, give Alt Xp boost

Using this exploit you are able to keep the anniversery gift. You can also give an alternative character a boost. 

1) Your loot package must be opened.

2) Pop a XP bonus if you have one. 

3) Buy some wrapping paper from a vendor.

4) Re-Wrap the anniversery present with XP bonus.

5) Mail it to anyone and it will become non-temporary.

This has worked for many years. It is how everyone was able to keep it.