WoW: Get Items from Dungeon without Staying

marador instance dungeon wow

Simple trick to make gold and have items sent from the dungeons you queue for.

First join the LFG queue and once inside a dungeon make your way to any boss. This will not work if any trash mobs are present so make sure they are cleared.
2) Once at the boss you want the items from go ahead and attack the boss. You don't need to stay long just 2-3 attacks and then right click your portrait and leave instance.
3) Once out of the dungeon just requeue and do the same thing.

About 1-5 minutes after leaving an instance you will get the drops you would have rolled for and gold in the mail. *This only works if the party you leave kills the boss.

You must kill the first boss in every instance or you will become a deserter.
I was able to continuously be sent 25 gold mails along with drops if the party rolled greed.