Diablo3: Infernal Machine and Hellfire Bosses

Here is a detailed explanation of the materials and recipes for the Infernal Machine and the Hellfire Ring.

What is the Hellfire Ring?

This ring gives the following properties. Created from defeating bosses inside the Infernal Machine.

- Either Str, Dex, Vit, or Int
- 4 Random Props
- +35% exp
- Launches Explosive Ball of Hellfire on Attack.

these guys hold onto the pieces for each attempt of the Infernal Machine that you want to have. The last guy in Act4 contains the plans only which you get once and your done with him. Be sure to kill each Keywarden with 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor.

Odeg The Keywarden Act 1 Spawns inside the Fields of Misery. He has a chance to spawn anywhere in the whole map. This boss will drop the Key of Destruction.

Odeg's Abilitys

Has Jailer
Main attack is Spear Throw
Has a triple-fireball attack

Sokahr the Keywarden Act 2 Spawns inside the Dahlgur Oasis. Spawns anywhere inside the boundarys of the Oasis. He will drop the Key of Hate.

Sokahr's Abilitys

Sokahr is a Dune Dervish/Magewraith, so his main attack is spinning
Has Missile Dampening with a natural thorns
Mortar And Electrified

Xah'Rith the Keywarden Act 3 Spawns in the Stonefort area. On the way to him you should be able to find the required 5 elites to stack your NV now. Drops the Key of Terror.

Xah'Rith's Abilitys

Illusionist Mob with Teleport.
Uses Corpse Rain spell.
Slows with a Cold Spell.

Nekarat the Keywarden Act 4 Found inside the Silver Spire Level 1. Very large demon with a curse that removes 75% of healing done. Drops the Plans: Infernal Machine.

Nekarat's Abilitys

Diablo Lightning Attack and AoE Fire

Nekarat seems like the hardest so far. He should be kited. Make sure to have your 5 NV Stacks.

To craft the Infernal Machine you must be a Level 10 Artisan Blacksmith.

Finding the Realm of Chaos.

To get inside you must start the game on the quest Return to New Tristram. The healer in act 1 town will now have a door behind him that you can break down. Inside you enter an empty room which you can now use the Infernal Machine inside. This opens a portal to either Realm of Chaos / Turmoil or Discord. Each has 2 unique bosses.

Infernal Machine = Key of Destruction x1 Key of Hate x1 Key of Terror x1 Gold x1200

Hellfire Ring
(any type) = Vengeful Eye x1 Devil's Fang x1 Writhing Spine x1 Gold x50,000

Hellfire Ring Plan can be bought off of Squirt the Peddler in Act2 town.

The Eye, Fang and Spine are dropped from inside the Infernal Machine worlds. Combines with the Hellfire Ring Plan makes your new Ring.

How does Monster Power effect drop rates of Keys and Pieces?

It doesn't look like any of the items have a 100% drop rate. It seems to drop about 75%-80% of the time. I made my ring using a MP Level 7. I would guess each MP Level adds 10% chance to drop.


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