Diablo3: Best AFK Leveling Technique

afk leveling spot diablo 3 d3 fire surv

Okay lots of work was put into this method. With this you can permanently AFK level your paragon or a new character. We will use the death survival bonus when within 5% of life left after combat.

The spot I will talk about uses the poison fire on the way to Belial in the Act 2 Palace Normal Mode. I receive 335 experience when I survive a near-death. This method will allow you to get double that up to 670 exp. The best part of it all we will make that experience come in every second for as long as we AFK. Using resistance and Life Regen items we can make this happen permanently.

How To:
We must balance our life regeneration and poison resistance to reach a perfect balance to we can stay within 5% of life left to receive the survival bonus and to not heal more than that.

Find the spot I listed in the screen shot above in the act 2 palace. If you get it perfect you will be able to intersect to poison paths. Now balance your resistances and poison so that you stay at the same amount of life indefinitely. (Getting within 0.2% will allow you to afk about 6 hours.)

The actual damage spots do not line up with the graphics in the game. Don't get to held up on where it looks like the fire is coming from and experiment.

Added Experience from gear will not work. Don't bother.

Here is a way to calculate how much Life Regen you will need.
1) Write down your current health (A)
2) Go on the green fire for 1 cycle
3) Write down your health (B)
4) Do this equation" (Life Regen I Need) = [(A)-(B)]/5 . In simple words calculate the damage you will receive and divide it by 5. That is the Health Regeneration / Second you need for this to work for your Character.


  1. you forgot the step where you bark like a dog 3 times stand on your head while spinning and whistling call me maybe backwards

  2. i only get 155 xp per hit. how come?

    1. The xp is low but if you are able to stay under 5% life left that 155xp will happen every second for aslong as u afk.

    2. it's 155xp per hit, but each time you see that 155xp message (assuming you're standing in the right spot) - you're taking 22 hits from the poison flare.

      That's 3140 xp every 5 seconds, almost 100 million xp every 24 hours.

  3. The hardest part about this method is finding the right gear. You have to match the life regen to the damage you are taking, and the numbers may not work out evenly by default. You could nail it on the head if you're lucky, but you might have to play around with adjusting your resistances / armor (and vit?) so that each round of damage you take comes out to a multiple of 5.

    I'm also not sure how leveling up is going to affect this. It may depend on your class, but as a DH, each paragon level, you get 1 str and 1 int. That means your armor increases by 1 and your resistance increases by .1 per paragon level. This might affect the damage you take, so I might have to find new gear pretty frequently.

    It's also very difficult to find the perfect regen gear on the AH. Primary stats on a regen item will affect the damage that you take. I'm not sure how to calculate out those changes in advance. I eventually found an amulet with the right regen amount, but amulets aren't invincible, so it's only lasting a few hours (it would be awesome if I could run this for days straight)

  4. Still working tryedit and the survivl only popls once

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