Diablo3: Best way to use Maximus and it's Demon Pet

Unique Legendary Maximus

A special way to use the updated Legendary item for 1.04 patch the 2 handed Maximus.

Maximus will spawn a demon pet to fight for you. This pet can hit for up to 40k damage, can take a couple hits and gives a Fire Chains between the pet and summoner that does a constant 2k damage to monsters in the chains.

The best part is giving it to your Follower will also work. This puts the chain from the Demon to your Companion and almost has a 100% uptime. Try it out you'll like it also.


  1. Thx for the tip its cool

  2. Once i started using this it's too good. No going back.

  3. need to increase attack speed on pets to increase respawn rate