Diablo3: Darker Diablo Graphics Mod

Darker Hardcore D3 Diablo Graphics Mod Gfx Gfc Comparison
Here is a quick setup guide to getting the D3 Darker Gfx Mod going and some info.

A very simple yet powerful graphics mod for Diablo3. Gives the game a much darker tone like how it was in previous Diablo games. Also applies a fix to the blur graphics that are in game. Offers a font change mod also to change the Item font to the classic style.

*1.If this is the FIRST time you start Diablo III or the first time after a recent PATCH, launch the game and then close it.
1.Extract/copy all the files in this zip/folder into the root directory of your Diablo III install.
2.Run Diablo III, if the launcher starts the game, the filters might cause it to crash.
*Try starting the game again if this happens.
OR run the game without the launcher by running "Diablo III.exe" and not from your desktop or using the "Diablo III Launcher.exe"
3.Use the Pause key (beside the Scroll Lock key) to turn the effects On/Off.

Can I get banned for this?
With ALL plugins and mods there is always a possibility. Jay Wilson did post a twitter response to this questions HERE. He says that in its form there will be no banning for this mod.

Download and Preview HERE.


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