Diablo3: AFK Gold Farming

farming gold diablo 3 act 2 guardian
Currently working. Guide to AFK gold farming in act2.

Choose the eighth quest in ACT 2. Enter an area with a Guardian Tower. Go in the corner and just afk. Works best with more gold find %.

1. Ensure 2 pillars so that you can farm the mob constantly
2. The gear must have thorns stats
3. Use Templar as pet and enable heal skill
4. Repair your gears and then go to sleep
5. When you get up, pick up the gold and go back to town to repair your gears and repeat the steps.

AFK as Wizard:
This is what I was using without a follower. By using Storm Armor with Reactive Armor and Magic Weapon with Blood Magic I could AFK also while I was gold farming.

While testing this out before I made my post I got 150,000 gold and a couple rares in under 2 hours.


  1. How do you keep from getting an idle disconnect?

    1. The game has a 20 minute idle timer, either keep the game in the background and check it every 5 minutes or get a keyboard or a program with built in macros.

    2. How long does the good stay on the ground?

  2. Replies
    1. With goldfind+indestructible gear I was barely able to do hell mode. Any level 60 should be able to do nightmare no problem and get good gold.

  3. bwaha, i made a macro for the monk that heals itself and walks around to collect gold.. find the perfect corner and run it for 8 hours no problem.

  4. its over, they nerved it :-(

    1. and how exactly did they nerf it? proof/explanation? >.>

    2. Spider give no gold or item anymore ... XD

    3. Confirmed nerf :(

    4. yep no drops from spiders... i missed the boat :(

  5. 1. Royal Crypts Gold Decrease by 80%
    2. Sarkoth Gold and Rare Drop Decrease (Unknown %)
    3. Act III Catapult and Signal Fire Area Mob # Decreased (No More leveling there)
    4. Tyrael Now does an Average of 1.4k Damage on Inferno.

    1. No. the mobs are still there.. its just that they dont come down the stairs quickly.. and the fireball is locked on to the guard thus removing what made the trick work.

      ( mobs ran down, u stopped them, group dies to the fireball )

      now u have to legit kill them which while it stills works.. its a lot slower

  6. Apologies about this. I really wish i could feel that.

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