WOW: How To Make WoW w/ HDR Graphics

High Definition Resolution, HDR, Lighting is the effect of light that's "too bright" for your monitor. A real life example; if you hold up a thin object to bright sunlight (Let's say a shoestring), the light seems to curve around it.

Additionally, shadowed areas are much darker with HDR.

While World of Warcraft support very limited and basic Bloom lighting (go to the Wetlands while the sun is setting), this mod enables the shader effects that the game is able to support, but Blizzard chose not to (either due to technical limitation, or because they just don't want to).

The download contains the dll file, a config file, and a readme file. The DLL file (d3d9.dll) is actually a modified Direct3D file. I believe that games that use the D3D API are designed to take advantage of a d3d9.dll file if it's present in the games folder instead of the one in the Windows directory. This DLL simply takes advantage of that, and enables bloom effects (amongst other effects) in any game that doesn't have native support for it.

Also inside the file is all of the defaults in-case you want to revert to the originals. Works best with DirectX9.

Download: Click To Download.
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Failed to find a suitable display device. Exiting program.
I did the following 3 things:
1) Updated windows XP with service pack 2 (fresh computer, wasn't fully updated while I transferred wow to it)
2) Installed latest possible DirectX (this being 8.1, let's not go into why)
3) After the installation of above 2 softwares, upon initializing WoW I got the following message (instead of the threads title) "Hardware has changed. Restore defult settings" (something in the lines of it at least). I chose Yes. Upon doing so WoW started. I then exited the program and inserted my WTF and Interface folders into the World of Warcraft folder, restarted the program, and it still worked.

Does this slow down your WoW like addons do?
On older machines, it may. On any video card that's capable of displaying Bloom and HDR effects (anything newer than a 6800GT) should be able to display this without much of a performance hit. My machine is "above average", but i see absolutely 0 FPS drop.


  1. blizzard can be lazy when it comes to stuff like this

    great mod thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing dude, will be downloading this!

  3. i hope blizz adds this in the game settings because i am quite paranoid when it comes to downloading such stuff from the internet

  4. Shame you have to mod to get this

  5. would us this if i played wow :DD shot though