WOW: Easy way to kill Majordomo Staghelm Heroic

Majordomo Staghelm World of Warcraft WOW Boss Dungeon Raid 10 25 Man Easy How To Kill

This is an easy way to down him. Just follow the instructions listed.

1) Hunter in party
2) Glyph of Misdirect. Everytime a hunter casts misdirection on his pet, misdirection cooldown will reset.

How To:
1) Your hunter needs to tame Turtle Pet.
2) Whole raid gather in 1 point to turn on the scorpion phase, turtle tanks him faced away from the raid.
3) Turtle gets only melee hits , no damage from the Flame Scythe Spell because it's pet.
4) Just Heal turtle, DPS down the boss.
5) Profit

And there is a bug, if u cast misdirection twice or more times on your pet between those 30seconds, the old misdirection aggro will stay


  1. he looks like a roody-poo noob

  2. Ant change of getting punished if using this strategy? I know Blizzard does not allow exploits

  3. Majordomo is a always a hard ass to beat. nice post mate, keep it up!

  4. Cool, this makes me want to play WoW again... +Followed!

  5. I miss my WoW days. Been off for a few months. I guess its time to come back. Your page makes me miss it.

  6. Okay, I have to look out for the Glyph needed for this action. Is it difficult to get it?

  7. I don't play WoW at all but thank you very much. Lol