WOW: Easy Legendary Item Guild Achievement

As many of you know there are new Guild Achievements available that were released with cataclysm.

The particular Achievements I am speaking of are these below....

[A Legendary Collection]
[The Ultimate Collection]
[We Are Legendary]

For the purpose of this guide we are focusing on the main "meta" guild achievement [The Ultimate Collection], but this same concept also applies to all of the "smaller" achievements hidden within it (the ones linked above).

About The Achievement-
The purpose of this guide is simply to show guilds and individuals alike a MUCH easier way to obtain [The Ultimate Collection] Which is a guild meta achievement requiring the guild as a whole to posses SIX different legendary weapons ranging from all 3 expansions as well as vanilla WoW. Most of these legendary weapons carry a drop rate of less than .4%, and some of them require combining items that also carry a low drop rate, but on top of that must be completed on hard modes (a feat that can be difficult even from a raid standpoint many expansions later... Older WoW is much LESS of a dps race than wrath/cata and these bosses can actually require some amount of SKILL (that's' right) to kill.

For a guild to actually group up into a raid group, and farm these legendary weapons the old fashioned way is certainly possible. But given the extremely low drop rates, as well as potential boredom from clearing old content every week until god knows when, tends to make this guild achievement one of the harder long-term features I have seen in World of Warcraft to date.

But today, I can show you how to complete this guild achievement with MUCH less effort. Its still gonna take some time (and maybe some gold... maybe a lot of gold, it just depends on your server, your guild, and who you happen to know in-game)

Now, Here are a few facts about these achievements that aren't directly mentioned in their descriptions, and that many people are NOT aware of. This is what is going to make it possible to do this little "trick" and get this achievement without so much as picking up a sword, or even forming a full raid group!

- Only ONE member of the guild needs to have one of the requirements (say that be a legendary weapon)
- That said Guild member must be at HONORED status with the guild reputation of the guild they are attempting to do this trick with.
- It doesn't matter WHEN they obtained the legendary weapon... they can get it today, or they can have had it in their bank since release. The guild achievement still activates once a member has a particular legendary, and they are at honored status with the guild. So all you need from them is their willingness to join the guild... they don't need to run any raids with you

How To: The Easy Way

STEP 1: Get a guild set up. or use a guild that you are already in (that doesnt have the achievement)
STEP 2: Spam trade, guild recruitment forums, whatever means you want to use... but you need to start recruiting players who have ALREADY obtained one of the required legendary items. This can be the hard part, but it may help to explain what you are doing... offer gold.. whatever you need to do to get this normally very difficult guild meta achievement.


x1 Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
x1 Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
x1 Warglaive of Azzinoth Main Hand ------ You'll Need
x1 Warglaive of Azzinoth Off Hand ------ Both Warglaives
x1 Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings
x1 Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury
x1 Shadowmourne

STEP 3: Group up and run some dungeons, raids, quests... whatever you feel you are needing to do to gain the MOST guild rep per kill. Keep grinding as a group untill EACH of the new members is at HONORED STATUS with the guilds reputation.


THESE NEW MEMBERS ARE GOING TO NEED TO OBTAIN ABOUT 9000xp IN ORDER TO BE HONORED. THAT MEANS THAT THE MINIMUM TIME THEY WILL HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IS 2 WEEKS (assuming you all get capped right before reset on the first week, and then capped again before it resets again) Not 2 weeks straight.. but you will have to spend 1 day getting capped, then wait for reset and then get capped again, rinse and repeat. It sounds like a lot but you are getting an achievement that would normally take MONTHS to complete (and even then drop rates can make them literally impossible)

but.... once each of these players has reached "honored" status with the guild..
The Ultimate Collection - Guild Edition

Once there at least 1 of each weapon on ANY guild member who is at honored reputation with guild faction. The guild meta achievement will pop up!!!

I know Blizzard has thought of this, which is why it is NOT an exploit. Meta achievements like this one are the primary reason that blizzard implemented the requirement to be "honored" in order to count towards the achievement. For this reason, this "trick" IS NOT AN EXPLOIT AND IS IN NO WAY BANNABLE. It is simply clever use of game mechanics... but if your out to get this meta, it is pretty much the only way to do it without becoming glued to your chair permanently and then dying after you go crazy and shove a Bic Pen through your temple.

But here we go.. the end of the guide-- that is how its done. AND CONGRATS ON YOUR....
The Ultimate Collection
and look.. you did it without even entering MC, farming hard mode Ulduar for fragments, farming hard mode ICC, or Sunwell in general (ugh). lol, now how can anyone possibly claim this way isn't easier?

I HAVE CONFIRMED THIS WORKING, sorry if its been mentioned before.

**That being said I would like to make it abundantly clear that this is what most of us would refer to as a "vanity" achievement, meaning there is no title or mount reward for completing it. It is simply there for achievement points, and for guilds to flaunt amongst themselves. I am an achievement whore myself so I find this extremely useful; but if your the type who could care less about achievement points this guide may not be of any use to you. It is here simply for the purpose of this achievement (which is an epic one to some), but I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking there are any physical "rewards" from it (I heard rumors of a Phoenix mount... that is simply not the case- the dark Phoenix is obtained through a completely different meta achievement)**

**I REPEAT: The Reins Of The Dark Phoenix is NOT obtained through this meta achievement as the rumor going around has claimed. It is instead obtained by completing the Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta achievement.. so if that is what you are trying to obtain, you need to find a different guide! (but you are still of course, more than welcome to read mine).**
**I am actually planning on writing up a comprehensive guide for guilds on how to obtain the Reins Of The Dark Phoenix, but I have not gotten deep enough into the raid content (nor is it all even available), so keep your eyes open for that at a much later date.**


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