WOW: Speaking to Horde as Alliance Dictionary

Here is a list of some phrases that Alliance can speak in chat and Horde will be able to read it. Note: Some of the following phrases are dirty and contain adult language so exercise caution.

Alliance Types - Horde See

À 3 ƒ ƒ Ä 3 Í ƒ ƒ - Kiss my ass (May Show: Kyss my ass)
Ð ' • 2 3 ' 0 Ç Í 'ƒ ƒ - Love your Anus
Ð ' • 2 3 ' 0 Ç Í ƒ ƒ - Love your ass
20 Í Ð - anal
•0 20 Í Ð - go anal
0• ƒ À 3 Ð Ð - No Skill (May Show: no sKyll)
Ð ' • 2 3 ' 0 Ç 3À ÇÍ Ç• - Love your mother
Ð ' • 2 3 ' 0 Ç 3À ÇÍ Ç• 'Ç ƒ - love your mother ass
Ð ' • 2 3 ' 0 Ç 3À ÇÍ Ç• •3• 3 ' 0 Ç 'Ç ƒ - love your mother and your ass
Ð ' • 2 20 Í Ð •Ð ÇÍ 3 ' 0 Ç 3À ÇÍ Ç• - love anal with your mother
3 ' 0 Í Ç 2 2' - You are KO
0• ' 'Ð '' Ð - Noob olol
•0 20 Í Ð •Ð ÇÍ •Ç - Go anal with me
•0 63636 3 ' 0 Ç Í 'ƒ ƒ - Go regen your anus
Ð ' ' ƒ 2 Ç - Looser
63636 - Regen
ƒ ' Ç Ç 3 - Sorry
T i p à b AU 2 2Ð Ð 2' 00 20 - You re an e vil KO RE AN

Create Your Own:
You will need to type Alt + Numbers Shown for best results.
Make sure to put a space between each letter or it will not show up.
7 - V
39 - O
48 - U
50 - E
51 - Y
128 - R
142 - M
159 - S
183 - K
209 - L
214 - A

97 - o
98 - e
100 - y
112 - u
129 - m
130 - v
133 - r
236 - a

More Advanced:
For the following you need to type Alt + First # Alt + Second # without any spaces in between.

7 39 - VE
7 48 - GO
7 50 - AG
7 128 - ME
7 159 - GA
7 183 - AL
7 209 - WI
7 214 - GL
39 7 - UD
39 39 - LO
39 48 - LU
39 50 - VA
39 128 - AS
39 159 - NU
39 209 - BO
39 214 - BU
48 7 - NO
48 48 - RE
48 50 - NE
48 51 - SE
48 142 - RA
50 39 - KO
50 48 - AN
50 50 - TI
50 183 - FA
50 209 - VI
51 48 - RU
51 183 - MO
128 7 - ER
128 128 - AD
128 209 - DA
128 214 - TH
142 50 - HI
142 128 - LA
142 209 - VO
7 51 7 - AND

Horde to Alliance:
This is what I know for Horde. If you have any to add leave a comment.
A - G
C - O
D - L
F - A
J - N
♠ - M
♦ - K
™ - R

Remember the way World of Warcraft was built, the developers never intended chat in between different factions. Getting around those restrictions is against the rules. Although I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for this, BlizzardHacks would never want to see that happen to any of our readers.


  1. sweet stuff

  2. wow (heh) that is some useful info if you want to smack talk the other side in pvp thanks!

  3. lol, I've never talked to others cross-alliance, but I think I'll do this someday if I remember. I've never had the need to smack talk too much...besides in some BG haha.

  4. can't just type backwards to say bad words?

  5. You should have some communications officer to do this while gameplaying.

  6. My favorite thing was to say LOL it would appear to KEK to the alliance :D

  7. bur bur...the only thing i can remember. thanks for the translation

  8. thats cool i never knew you could do that!

  9. You need to create a list like this but make it Horde to Alliance.

  10. nice tip. thanks for sharing it.


    1. So does your mom

    2. Only fat guy cock. No one with a golden penis would touch that.

  12. I had a ally do "ruff" in common. anyone know what that is?

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  14. Horde -> Alliance

    yu yu = ha ha
    3 0 3 = L O L
    michael fewf = lok'tar ogar
    abb i = kil l

  15. Horde -> Ally
    6 0 = N O
    60 = HA

  16. can you paste here how to translate word G A Y

  17. Horde I c ƒ 115 = L o K TAR ( Victory )

  18. Ally -> Horde

    o n p = you

    •0 '• = Go ud

    0• À 3 Ð Ð = No Kyll

    D a p Ee bb = Y o u Lo se

    Fff d Ss pp = ver y Me an


  19. Ally - Horde

    ╤ b •0 = L e Go

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