WOW: Movement Exploit Getting in Backdoors

I have used this trick to get in the backdoor at The Burning Crusade dungeon Hellfire Ramparts. When zoning into the instance the exit point is right there above the entrance. I just jumped to the last boss.
First, use the engineering tinker "nitro boots." Since cata, these have a high chance of failure. The most common failure mode is to rocket you very very high into the air. This can occur indoors, in bgs, and in instances.

Next, use your goblin racial--did I mention that you're a goblin engineer?--to gain lateral movement. Disengage might also work but I assume it would be hard to have a target anyway.
Warriors use Heroic Leap

Possible uses are many.
- Reach high ledges in instances to evade out adds, or heal/dps while evading game mechanics and AoEs. Generally speaking, being high up in a boss fight is often advantageous.
- Hide the flag in unreachable places in pvp, I was able to get to the stairs inside Mage Tower at Eye of the Storm battleground.
- Skip large parts of instances. Remember all the TBC instances with backdoors that were made "one way" via a short cliff drop? Also the backdoor of Dead Mines, getting onto the roof to skip a large part of Shadow Fang Keep, etc.
- Exploration

Nitro Boosts: Nitro Boosts - Spell - World of Warcraft
Rocket Jump: Rocket Jump - Spell - World of Warcraft

If your boosts don't backfire the first time, swap your belt out for a different one and it resets the cooldown to the 30 second item change. Minor exploit on its own.

Using the goblin rocket jump puts a cooldown on slowfall, but (THEORY) if someone was able to find a slowfall effect that it didn't cancel, you could also use this to fly a really, really far distance. Lot of unusual slowfalls out there--the holiday beer, the lowbie warrior shield, the parachute from the quest in feralas, Noggenfogger Elixir. 

Warriors are also able to Heroic Leap while falling. Its a little bit bugged right now, so sometimes it will say "Can't Use that Here." or "No Path Available."

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