WOW: Get Exalted with Argent Dawn in under 2 Hours

Okay guys, they changed how to be able to earn reputation with Argent Dawn in Cataclysm. Stratholme and Scholomance no longer give AD rep. The ArgentDawn has been replaced by the Argent Crusade. You can still gain scourgestones, but the turn-in NPC is now gone.
If you are still interested in this, you have one option. There is a quest chain that starts up with Fiona at the border of Eastern and Western Plaguelands as follows:

Gidwin Goldbraids
Just Encased
Greasing the Wheel

Tarenar Sunstrike
What I Do Best
A Gift For Fiona
Onward, to Light's Hope Chapel

Traveling Companions

Rough Roads

The Trek Continues
Boys Will Be Boys
A Boyhood Dream
Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt
Argent Call: The Noxious Glade

Once this is completed, you then unlock two repeatable quests that give 2000 Argent Dawn rep each, and can be done multiple times per day from Lord Raymond George (ghost behind the chapel).

Aberrations of Bone: Scholomance
Annals of the Silver Hand: Strat (Live)

Aberations of Bone requires you to just kill Rattlegore in Scholo. Annals of the Silver Hand requires that you loot a book on a table next to Instructor Galford in Strat (Live)


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