WOW: Check Achievement Progress Which Doesn't Have a Counter

There are a few achievements like "Tol Barad Veteran" which let you do something a few times but doesn't have any counter in the achievement tabs.
Without any bar, you have no idea how your status is or if it's even bugged.

Well, you can simply use following macro with the achievement ID, and it will print your progress in the chat.

/run print(GetStatistic(ID))

Just replace "ID" with your real achievement ID, paste it in your chatbox and you're done.
You can find the IDs if you search them in wowhead and check the url for "achievement=xxx". The Number is your ID.

I'll post the macros for a few achievements that comes in my mind:

/run print(GetStatistic(5446)) - The Glop Family Line
/run print(GetStatistic(5449)) - Rock Lover
/run print(GetStatistic(5417)) - Tol Barad Veteran (Alliance)
/run print(GetStatistic(5418)) - Tol Barad Veteran (Horde)