WOW: The Ultimate 1-525 Archeology Guide

Archeology, the new skill of Cataclysm. Verry time-consuming. In this guide im going to sum up everything about this proffesion!

Archeology allows you to dig artifacts out of the ground, when used, they will mostly result in common items, and occasionaly in Epics/Rares!

There Will be 4 digsites per continent!

When leveling your skill from 1-100 you will want to safe all the artifacts you dig. Caus when you are 100 you will not gain any more skills for digging!
From level 1-100 you can dig: Night Elf, Troll, Dwarf, and Fossil artifacts.
Found in: Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.


You are in for a long grind now, use the artifacts saved from leveling 1-100.
There is not much to say about this long grind, i would suggest Eastern Kingdoms to dig, because of it being smaller then Kalimdor, and the spawn locations seem to be closer to eachother!


You can now Survey in Outlands. Digging up: Draenei and Orc artifacts.


You can now Surver in Northrend! Digging up: Nerubian and Vrykul Artifacts!


Here is where it gets interesting, you can now dig up Tol'Vir artifacts in Uldum! The dig sites in Uldum share the continent of Kalimdor. So you'll need to dig all arround Kalimdor in order to dig in Uldum!

How does Archeology work?

Upon learning Archeology you gain 2 skills: Survey, and Archeology (Tab).
You use Survey on locations shown on the map (With a shovel, and red area in the zone)
When using Survey, you'll place a spy-glass with a light on it.
Red: Indicates the Artifact is far away.
Yellow: You are getting closer, but its still a few yards.
Green: You are close , it is within 20 yards.
The direction of the spyglass tells you where the artifact is.
To make artifacts, go to your archeology tab, and press the race you have artifacts from (For example Dwarf). You can see you need (Lets say 30) artifacts to complete solve this item. Just gather the 30 artifacts, and solve it.
When solved, a new item should pop up. This can be Rare/Epic or Common item.


There are multiple keystones available, found while digging. They can complete some artifacts by up to 12 fragments, but is also used for daily quests. Artifacts have from 0 to 3 slots for these keystones. All rare/epic artifacts have 3 keystone slots, except Fossilized Hatchling and Fossilized Raptor, caus there are no fossil keystones!

To finish it off, here are some percentages for artifacts:

86% of the projects are common items (25 total), 10% are Rare (3 total), and one Epic Weapon 2H Staff (3%) Project.

82% are common items (9 total), 18% are Rare (One pet, One Mount).

Night Elf:
73% are common items (19 total), 23% are Rare (6 total), and one Epic Cloth Chest (4%) Project.

93% are common items (14 total), with one Epic 2H Sword (7%) Project.

Draenei (Outland Only):
80% are common items (8 total), 20% are Rare (2 total).

Orc (Outland Only):
90% are common items (9 total), and one Epic Mail Head (10%) Project.

Vrykul (Northrend Only):
83% are common items (5 total), and one Epic 1H Axe (17%) Project.

Nerubian (Northrend Only):
78% are common items (7 total), with two Epic Usable Item (12%) Projects.

Tol'Vir (Cataclysm Only):
54% are common items (7 total), with 6 Epic Projects (46%), including one pet, one mount, one 1H Sword, one ring, one 2H Staff, and one usable item.

Have fun, and feel free to ask any questions!

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